Focus the objective or the monster?


Now first off I know this is gonna be subjective from one game to another but I wanted to discuss this after a couple of recent games, I lost a very close game as bucket in nest where I found my team mates where for whatever reason ignoring the eggs, I actually took out 5 out of 6 and totalled just over 40k damage for the match, now my allies in this one where hunting the monster exactly like the game was hunt, now in the spirit of team work I know I should have helped them but on the other side had the 3 of them destroyed just one egg we likely would have won so I’m really confused as to what the correct call was here, on the next game with this same team it was rescue and again same situation but this time the game was no where near as close, we lost with me having saved 2 survivors and the monster getting five, at this point a player ended up abusing me for not hunting with them but as I pointed out we lost because we failed the objective so hunting wouldn’t have changed anything unless we got the kill but it would have been a long shot to do so as our trapper wasn’t trapping or doming, anyway I was curious if I made the right call here and what others have experienced, yes we lost and I should have worked together better but on the other side had my allies done what I did we would have won both matches easily, so is it a case of both sides being wrong? Poor objective management? Poor teamwork??? All of the above, also I’d like to state that I’m primarily a monster player so mistakes as a hunter is a bit more expected for me

Edit: but to be clear I’m certainly no noob hunter, I don’t own like I do as a monster but a hunter I still win most of my matches and try to work together with my teams