Focus loss frame-rate cap or just simple across the board cap


Hello all!
I alt-tab out of Evolve quite a bit, and it’s very obnoxious that my GPU’s fans kick up to sounding like a hurricane inside my case.
(EVGA GTX 980 SC w/ ACX 2.0 cooling, overclocked to 1500 MHz core and 8.25 GHz Memory)

The reason it does so is because, for some reason un-known to me, when the game is minimized the v-sync setting does nothing, and the frame-rates shoot through the roof(can catch them dialing back down to 60 when I open the game back up)

I’m talking frame rates in the thousands during the lobby screens…

I was wondering if there were a way of tweaking a config file or something to hard-cap the game at 60 fps? I tried a fix(that was actually intended to REMOVE the cap during the BETA) that required adding a “sys_MaxFps 60” line to the system config file, but it did not affect anything.

Thanks for any/all ideas and/or information!


To note, I run the game at a DSR of 2351x1323 and even during the peak of battle my fan speed never exceeds 40%. But during an alt-tab it jumps to almost 60% (Which is right around 2500-3000 rpm).

My GPU usage also only goes to around 60% or so(I’d run a higher DSR, but I run out of VRAM…with 2351x1323 I’m using all 4 GB and anything higher sees a quick drop in fps)
But during an alt-tab it goes to, and stays at, 99%


Not to necro or anything, but I found that simply running the game in windowed fullscreen completely fixes this.