Flying Wraith?


Soooo uh im pretty sure im late with this, but when was the wraith able to fly? I just had a match where the wraith is teleporting and warp blasting throughout the skies lol. Is this a glitch or something?


Ah, the infamous “Skywraith”. It’s not a glitch, just a way some people like to play.


Warp Blasting can be used to get to high altitudes and then you can teleport in a type of “gliding” fashion.


I actually just wrote up a how-to guide on Reddit, if you wanna check it out. There’s a video clip for an example, as well.


Wraith essentially has a permenant low grav effect. It can both help and hinder in fights, good hunters abusing her downward difficulties. She can’t control it like Kraken can but it leaves no tracks which is particularily good for a long distance start. Part of what makes her so slippery.


Lol so how does 1 cage such a sly devil? Ive lost every match vs sky wraith D:


If you mean dome it’s the same as any wraith, flush it and cut it off or corner it.

In a fight use cover to avoid abductions and if the wraith is ever still in the air it’s likely targeting abduct so just jet pack dodge shortly after you realize this but before it actually begins moving. If it can’t get you up in the first place it can’t juggle. Wraith has no mobility while targeting abduct so it’s on the assault to free shoot while everyone else focuses on avoiding juggle, especially with caira.

If it’s hiding in the trees just fire wildly up at it as it is still lacking tank.