Flying Squid vs... THE JACKAL!

Long, but awesome match with @SledgePainter and @Dovahkick.


It was a long match but…very fun, very good one. You’ve shown me that Jack is not useless against a Kraken.

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Tune to 5:09. :smiley:

The map was not made for me. It was a good match indeed, but I felt frustrated anyway by my defeat.
There was the pipes, the platform in the middle of the map, the upper ledge in the relay that slowed me down (and also made me jump randomly sometimes), the oposite ledge with the dead angle, etc…
I was so close from killing the medic at 18:25 but the dropship came in time and Sledge poped her shield on E.M.E.T.
The last seconds of the match, I had nowhere to hide.

On a last note, trying to shoot at I-P, Terepin and Kacpe was very hard, even when they were not using their jetpack (they were dancing).

I bet you all had at least 1 perk to increase your movements.

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I never though that playing Jack against Kraken can be this much fun. :slight_smile:

Uuhg, if you want…

Dude, I was the one saying he is useless against him. So yes, I was surprised.

No, It’s just that I’m still thinking about my defeat. I feel humiliated if I-P is in the team.

I-P? Why is that?

He’s immature, he sometimes tried to worsen conversations when I’m concerned.

Anyway, I feel that the Kraken is sluggish when he flies.

The match from my perspective:

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We have enough footage to make an overhaul voice back for emet with Terepin’s voice.
Cmon, get on with it devs


Agreed. It is why I refuse to play him unless I know I’m dealing with Noobs. 3 things to keep in mind with Kraken; watching the vid:

  1. His Lightning Strike is bugged out the wazoo (the same applies to EK). The graphic doesn’t line up with the server-side location. I recant this from personal experience.
  2. Watching the vid, you didn’t fight in places you have a wide open area, the primary thing about Jack is to keep him grounded. If you keep him on the ground, you should be fine.
  3. EMET is a counter-pick to Kraken in general.

All in all, you tried, but it was just a combination of circumstances.


That would be a great birthday present. :smiley:

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So I should fight in open areas as the Kraken?

Yes, keeps most hunters away giving you breathing room. Kraken has ranged abilities, so you can take advantage of that and keep distance away from the hunters.
Open areas are good since, you light be visible, but you are better at hitting the hunters than they are damaging and CC’ing you.

Yes. It gives you breathing room. You can hit hunters for a lot more damage than they can CC and ground you if you keep it right. Stay high, and if one gets too close to you, pop AS and dive bomb, hit with a heavy melee, and weave back out. With practice you can get pretty good at it, I still vastly prefer Goliath over Kraken because of how slow the fucker is while in the air. Note that Goliath is one of my weakest monsters.

A map like Wraith Trap is ideal because there are very few places with high ground for the hunters to get up onto. You want to fight in areas with a lot of low ground, but very little high ground. If they all decide to pack up on one ledge, you can punish. If they start breaking LoS to you, just move to another target. Generally, you can make them panic. Another valid tactic is to dive bomb with AS.

I do that almost all the time.

Most of us do.

Like I said, low ground, as high as possible. That about sums it up.

I also tried to stay as high as possible, but I-P is very sticky and often tries to close the distance the most possible even when I fly.