Floating Sloths?

Playing with @MidnightRoses, and @warpathchris. We had a sloth bugged out, and apparently had decided he was was floating today. Couldn’t even attack us…

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What’s that in the bottom left of your screen? O.o.

Also, I took a couple too:

Something I use for WoW, also works in Evolve. Haven’t bothered with it in Evolve though, and didn’t close it.

…What is it though? o.o


Hahahaha, you captured my quote in the first screenshot. :laughing: That’s priceless.

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Never thought about using Curse for this game. Might be nice. You say it actually works? The auto-join and everything works?

I don’t even know what it does.

I haven’t used it in Evolve, but the option for chat and such works. I just had WoW open in the background, so I left that up too.

Now I’m curious to see if it actually works. At least the voice part.

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Now everyone’s going to be talking and I cannot hear them. D:

Nah, I’m still using in game chat. ~shrugs~

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I knew you wouldn’t leave me. ^.^

We wouldn’t all talk at the same time. Simple.

If you’d prefer to stick with in game chat that’s fine, I was just curious about the app’s functionality.

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Lol do whatever you want, I cannot communicate so I don’t expect you to do so if you don’t want to. :P<G

Ah yes, Curse. :slight_smile: I remember how downloading it gave me free access to the Evolve Big Alpha. Good memories.

Yeah, they wanted to to be available to use in Evolve on launch day.

Now I remember that. I was too slow though, and didn’t get into the alpha.