Floating shield drones

just saw one, who tried to pull of a win on wraith trap with floating shield drones.
nothing was around them, just hovering in the air. and even as goliath, it was pretty hard to get them destroyed

They are currently stackable, it should be fixed in an upcoming patch.

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nah, he doesn’t stacked them. he was flying and dropped it in the air. it was the first drone he dropped

You saw the player place a drone in mid-air without stacking them?

The floating shield drone is a buff hunters get in evac mode when they win my friend.

Good point. That one follows the hunters though, @Wednesday13 was this one stationary or moving around?

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And it seems that he saw more than one drone since he talked in plural when he was referring to the drone.

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We’ll see what OP says.

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I might know what @Wednesday13 is talking about. The support I play with all the time has managed to sort of - toss? if you will, the drone while mid jump, making it pretty close to impossible for the monster to get to. It’s only worked a couple of times, but probably should be looked into.

@MrStrategio Sorry to bug you, does this sound odd to you?

I have had to deal with this so much that I just couldnt resist :smiley:

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Don’t worry, it fits the situation pretty well. ^.^

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I had a guy today on the PS4 do this. He put a shield drone way up above the power relay on hunt. I couldn’t hit it with any ability and it had clear line of site everywhere around the relay so I couldn’t really damage the hunters at all. I spent a great deal of time jumping with fire breath to knock it down. Losing most of my health in the process and I watched him do it a second time so I know it was not an accident that it happened.

I left and ran to the other side of the map and just waited for 8 whole minutes until time ran out. If he wants to win by cheating he will have to wait it out.

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OK, to be clear, I didn’t played evac and I said shield drone which implies, that the support was Sunny. I’m EU #7, I know the difference between an Evac win Buff (attacking drone) and a Shield Drone.
As I said. He jumped into the Air, and popped a Shield drone mid air, no stackerino multiple times during the round

I’m gonna go into single player and make a screen with a circle, where he popped out the drone :smiley:

I had to jump from the rock to get a melee hit to the drone and stage 3 fire needet to be used on the rock too

I got a picture from the VOD of my stream. It came out of nowhere

We’re aware of an issue with players being able to stack shield drones constantly until they are high up in the air. I would guess that is the issue you saw given the screenshot. It should be fixed in an upcoming patch.

Ppl are also placing shield drones in places i can only assume are not intended, like unclimbable pillars. Are you guys aware of this and/or addressing it?

yup. 10 chars

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Sentry guns are also stackable btw

We know about that one too. Thanks.