Floating Behemoth!


Has anyone else seen this? Sometimes I roll off an edge, and just keep rollin.

sorry I don’t have pics or anything, I don’t have the equipment, know-how, or foresight to record my games :stuck_out_tongue:

This seems to occur whenever I lose control of my roll, sometimes I just cannot change my direction while rolling, I have to cancel the roll and move back on out.

Anyone else had similar problems?


Oh, you haven’t noticed?

Behemoth isn’t a rock monster… he’s a sponge, very light. Unfortunately he has no square pants to go with his body so he’s become very upset and instead terrorizes the land.


Are you telling me all we need to save Shear is a JC Penny?


And he thinks Kraken is his best friend. Poor Kraken just wants to play the clarinet.


I’ve had this too, but only on Weather Control