Flexible Character Unlock Order


Given the multiple hunters currently made public and presumably more monsters on the way, people have been referring to them as Tier X hunter (role) based on how many unlock cycles are needed to make them playable. This lends itself to the inevitable griping about how many OTHER characters they must grind through to play the one they want. While there is a certain degree of “dont complain/it’s not that hard” at work, I found myself considering an alternative system to streamline this process - especially as MORE ‘tiers’ of hunters and monsters become available.

Consider the following proposal: Hunters and Monsters are unlocked from a flat/non-linear menu.
You get one selection for each type (4 hunter roles & monster) when you start the game, and gain further unlock selections the same way you currently unlock more characters - by getting the first star in each ability of the character of that type you have unlocked. This means that players can unlock their desired hunters and monsters in any order, instead of a linear progression based on release/reveal date.

From a UI perspective, this would involve adding a ‘unlock’ menu where each role the four hunter roles and Monster ‘role’ would be broken out by available characters. Selecting a character could show you info about each - maybe even manually play the ‘intro’ video that highlights their skills. Unlocked characters could be marked somehow - full bright portrait and outline, etc. If you have an unlock available in that type (and you’ll only ever have One or None available), some sort of a star or glow can indicate that a choice is available.

The problem I’m looking to combat is how daunting the unlock system will be for someone starting out after the game has been released. If new hunters and monsters keep being added (as I think we all hope they will!), someone new who may have only heard of the newest character release would find out they had to play X other characters just to be ‘current’ with other longtime players… and decide it’s not worth picking up the game after all if they’ll just be playing catchup.

Making unlock order flexible would also combat the issue of seeing a disproportionate number of ‘low tier’ hunters in public games - just because that’s what most people have. Letting people choose their own order could provide a LOT more variety, which I personally think is a good thing.

Don’t get me wrong - I’m not averse to putting in some time for unlocks, and this system wouldn’t let you ‘max’ any given character any faster - that part remains unchanged. But I’m offering this as an alternative that might make the game far more accessible, say for those who want to take Cabot to start the game instead of Hank, or Caira instead of Val.

Thanks for reading! Constructive thoughts/feedback please :smile:


DLC hunters will be unlocked the moment you purchase them. So Once you’ve unlocked the other 2 monsters and 8 other hunters you are finished. I’m also bias in the fact that I really like the current Tier system. It lets people learn to walk before running and then moving on to Jetpack 101. I’ve played games where you choose an unlockable class and after a while you tend to not care about unlocking anything because you are used to what you think you like. The idea of having to play through other characters you might not really helps cement your feel for your playstyle. I really did NOT think I would like Markov over Hyde, or Hank over Bucket, or even Laz over Val, but I did.


It would seem I wasn’t current on how the DLC is going to work. Since the list is not going to grow in a linear fashion, only two unlocks per category isnt as bad. I just hope the DLC hunters/monsters will not somehow be clearly ‘better’ in some fashion, to create the sentiment of “you have to have X DLC to be competitive” or “Y DLC is the only viable counter to Z DLC”. Guess we’ll have to see.

In either case, thank you for responding.


No worries :slight_smile: I’m not too worried. A lot of people think that T3 hunters are better than the counterparts. The nice thing is that I feel that each one will have a certain feel or playstyle to them which works better for some instead of others. I don’t doubt that some people will debate and argue the <1% advantage that some of them might have, but I really think it boils down to self preference.

It’s a lot like the movie Ratatouille. Not everyone can be a cook, but anyone can cook. Not everyone can play Hank well, but anyone can play Hank well. I think it’s about picking the hunter where you excel and working within those limitations and strengths with your team. Just like they do. The human body is comprised of thousands of individual parts, but they all work together to create some awesome. That is how true teamwork excels. Yes, it might be more beneficial to not have an appendix, or have this or that, but it’s about using what you have and making it shine.


That’s a very philosophical (and somewhat non sequitor) response :wink:

I will admit I’ve been looking at Caira and Abe in particular since their reveals; Cabot I’m more on the fence about. It would have been nice to play with and against this third tier of hunter during the alpha to get a feel for how they will alter the chase - I was always far out in front as the monster, but with stasis grenades, tracking tags and team speed boosts I’d have had to be on the run FAR more! I agree with you though that it’s reasonable to expect the included hunters will all be relatively balanced between each other.

I like what I’m seeing from TurtleRock in terms of their engagement and devs being real players out here with us. So I want to give them the benefit of the doubt and not fall into the trap of fearing the DLC. Frankly, if they offered some kind of ‘season pass’ to get all new hunters and monsters, I’d actually feel better about it because there would be less cherry picking going on; people would just get the whole package.

We’ll have to see what 2015 brings!


I believe the point of the unlocks is so people learn to play the game with somewhat easier characters instead of jumping right into it. They even said in a video that they didn’t want people learning to play Kraken while learning to be the monster at the same time since Kraken is a bit harder to play due to his flying (not much imo) but I played Kraken in alpha so I’m biased. Griffin takes a bit more skill to play since he doesn’t have a pet to track the monster and has to use his harpoon instead of traps. Markovs lighting gun is auto aim wheras hydes minigun is not. Lazarus can’t do anything till your dead and his to cloak and revive while val just has to hold a trigger. Hank can support easily with his shield while bucket focuses more on helping get vision on the monster and putting turrets down strategically.