Fleeing Behemoths (a.k.a. Fleehemoths credit to Rapterror)

How do you guys deal with Behemoths that run till stage three? I Dont know if our trapper just wasn’t up to par or if Behemoth is just that fast (probably some of both) but we only got one dome on him before stage three (saw him plenty though). Then by the time he is stage three you have to put up a hell of a fight to even stand a chance! I know this kind of gameplay is common with wraiths, but they Dont have the huge health pools or fire power to make their stage three that dominant!

Tl;Dr Behemoth outruns any conflict, even in a dome, how do you handle it?

If your trapper cant dome a Behemoth before he hits stage 3 he is a bad trapper. The reason why Behemoth foesnt win that much in Hunt is because he gets domed at stage 1 and 2 but If your trapper cant do that then he isnt good.


Trapper needs to learn monster movement anticipation and proper dome dropping locations.

The Behemoth can cover more ground than any other monster with its traversal, but is also the most predictably moving monster because of the roll. A good trapper should have a grasp on how the behemoth will be moving, and can position themselves in a way that forces the Behemoth into a dome.

Most good domes prevent the monster from going in a circle, which helps the monster mitigate damage.

Behemoth is quick but easy to kill which is why many Behemoths flee til three. If they get to S3 without health damage it’s everyone’s fault. Just because he has a shit ton of health doesn’t mean he’s more likely to fight.

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Don’t shoot the behemoth when it’s rolling. Wait until he’s finished rolling and be ready to boost in to range, and then dome. Behemoth takes a while to get up to speed, and if he’s stopped rolling there’s a chance he has no stamina left. This is the perfect time to dome. Anticipation, as with any monster, is the key.

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Your trapper most not be really good as said by other people he needs to anticipate the “fleehemoths”, cut them of and dome

Behemoth leaves trails and if you cant its either sneaking and daisy can help or follow some water that would cover the rolls flame

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It is annoying as a Hunter but it’s the Trappers job to dome the Monster. Don’t expect them to turn around and engage just to make you happy unless they feel like they can score a few incaps or take the game, instead focus on trapping that Monster using cutoffs, holding choke points and good map knowledge to not lose much time if they rock wall you off. Also, don’t dome him in an enclosed area where you can’t dodge his 2 AoE attacks or where most of the team can be cut off from the rest with a rock wall.

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