Flee Till 3?!

An issue that has always been a problem that hasn’t been fixed yet is the monster kiting issue. It is 100 percent impossible to even break down the armor of a monster that just wants to run around inside the dome till it falls. IT IS COMPLETELY UP TO THE MONSTER TO FIGHT REGARDLESS OF THE DOME. That is some lame crap! The dome is meant to force a fight but if you have some bad kid playing the monster it is far to easy to avoid damage. There is honestly no point to dome the monster if he/she chooses to kite all game. I myself choose not to be a complete boring monster and kite because it is not fun for me. It is even worse now that there is a new ranking system because monsters would rather win cheap then play to have fun. I can play the best hunter team right now and kite till stage 3 for the win. BRING IT IF YOU DONT BELIEVE ME! I’m so fed up with with chasing the monster till stage 3 full armor & health to fight. Fix this issue Turtle Rock! Not everyone plays monster fair and fights at stage 2. Don’t be dumb and wait another 6 months to fix a big issue. Fix your game now! I myself am going to kite till stage 3 from now on just because it’s so easy to win like that as monster. When turtle rock decides to fix this obvious issue I will stop and go back to playing monster the right way. The dome doesn’t force a fight like it should. The player who is playing as monster forces the fight. Not all monster players will fight in dome at stage 2, because they know they don’t have to regardless of the dome. Anyone who disagrees with me can invite me to a game as monster and I will show them just how unfair “Forcing” a fight can be. Come at me Turtle Rock! Tell me I’m not right! Your game is awesome, huge fan. Just very very poorly executed! Kiting till stage 3 here we come! I’ll never lose again. Thank you Turtle Rock!


With the fast dome trappers can spend more time on thinking where to dome and choose the dome location so that the monster cannot kite as much.
It’s not about getting a dome anymore, it’s about the where.

So that issue may resolve itself when trappers are beginning to learn good dome locations. Or monsters will let the trapper dome them on purpose in a bad dome location to take advantage of that. Either way, less kiting.


Depends on the monster?


i think it’s ok if the monster decides not to fight if it’s not prepared too,but if a stage 2 monster with full armour and health keeps hiding that’s when I’m irritated. Hate that so much :frowning:

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True dat. I’ll tell you though, I’ve never seen so many people run as Goliath before the update. I question as they run, “do they know they’re stronger?” Lol. We did have someone as frostbite Goliath try to get us out of the dropship, stage one. It was a humorous experience.

Sounds like somewhat just got beaten by a flee til three.

If you dome a monster and do no damage chances are you domed it in a stupid place where it had plenty of cover. That’s on your trapper. with the new dome time there’s little excuse for this.

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I don’t think you’re entirely wrong, I find the whole “Flee 'til three” strategy annoying as hell most of the time. But insulting people, calling them “Faggots” is where you went wrong. You can yell through caps lock all you want, you can complain about unfair strategies as well. But I’ll be damned if you start calling people names.

To be honest I can’t exactly do anything about it, I’m not a Leader on this forum. Hell I’m not even a regular so I don’t have any special privileges to silence this thread, all I’m asking is for you to be nice and don’t call anyone names. Unless you’re calling me Wrex, that I’m okay with.


:joy: :arrow_left: you see this? That’s to let you know, I got a good laugh from your post. :grin:


Spread out across the dome. Not too much, but enough that each person has good LoS in much of the dome. Then as you gain LoS, start firing and dealing damage. Assault can do the same, or he can be the one forcing the monster around by chasing and damaging. If they’re on a cliff side, two people need to try and get up there from different areas and force him back down. It’s tricky and won’t always work, but you just need to add pressure.

Add enough pressure and those monsters will RQ or die. (Or RQ just as they’re about to be killed).

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It’s certainly not impossible to get the monsters armour down, especially if it’s only stage 1. Hyde for example can melt the monsters armour in about 5 seconds of constant damage. This is easy to acheive, say with Maggie or Griffin.

But its totally fine when hunters do it?


Actually, Evolve is a game about fighting a monster, so you are spouting idioticy.
The sarcastic nature of your post, even if you had been correct is not helpfull either.

The problem have been a lot easier to avoid now that the trapper got near-instant domes which allow the hunt portion of the game to be less one-sided.
As long as you can avoid doming the monster in an area with loops, you can deal health damage most of the time.
However, it depends on your assault player’s skill, as Assault is not as easy as everyone is making it out to be.
You need to be able to catch up with the monster and stay in range, which is no simple task.

Wraith also recently got a buff to make it easier for her to avoid damage in domes, so Wraiths can be hard to deal with and there is sadly no easy way to deal with that, though her stage 3 is not too bad so as long as she does not score any strikes on your team you should be fine.

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You’re right, he just put me on edge after using that word.

I don’t think anyone understands the point I am trying to make yet. True, trappers could dome in better places to avoid LESS kiting. Regardless of location the dome doesn’t fully force a fight like it is intended for. The monster chooses when to fight which is idiotic because not everyone loves to play for fun, instead play for the cheap win; Especially now that ranked is introduced to the game. Until there is penalty for kiting this is going to be a growing problem in this game. Shoot, I’m gonna take advantage of this kiting issue! Why the hell not!? We need all monster players to ‘flee till 3’ so turtle rock will finally notice this issue and resolve it. Like I said, I will never lose again because I’m going to abuse this so damn much. There is no way anyone can do ENOUGH damage to a leaping Goliath all game inside the domes, especially when they take transversal cool down. Plus on top of that the monster is getting more transversal just for being shot at. It’s just not going to happen. Like I said, I’ll prove any hunter team wrong that thinks other wise.

Have you seen the new laz,bucket,maggie,markov/hyde meta where laz doesnt even enter domes and just uses cloaks and acts as dropship beacon.Screw those hunter assholes and their cloak chains do what you want for your playstyle I say!


Domes are intended to trap the monster thats it nothing more.

For you the hunters to kill it. The monster can choose not to fight if it doesnt want to.

Trap the monster for what Bazorias? …

That’s the issue dude… thank for understanding my point Lol

When I was able to play since update (never get a monster within 5-10min of waiting, im a patient person now), ALL monsters were avoiding fights and run over the map. ALL where winning against random public players at T3.

The dome needs to amplfy the hunters damage. So a monsters only way to survive is a lucky fight. Every t1 t2 monster was hiding in dome.