Flashy screen after Wraith uses ability


Anybody else notice their screen doing flashing on certain areas like where fire or lighting would be after (i think it was kraken but it might be Wraith) uses one of their special abilities?

Come to think of it, i think it’s when Wraith uses that ability where he is like all flashy and he can just melee like crazy.


The name of the ability is Supernova , and it’s a she, I haven’t seen this. Someone change the title from ‘Kraken uses ability’ to ‘Wraith uses ability’? @MaddCow


There is a glitch where you can see the Kraken flash as soon as it finishes evolving. This can be seen at any distance and through rocks and such. Is this what you’re talking about?


And I changed the title to Wraith (tell me if it’s not Wraith). Define “flashy” though, it is regularly flashing in a certain area or is it excessive across your screen?


it’s kinda hard to describe but yeah it is the Wraith. It’s like after they do that ability, not every time, but it has happened more than 3 times. The screen kinda does a weird glitchy flash anywhere there is fire or something of the sort. Say like when you are dropping in from the drop ship, where you can normally see fire from the engines, it will be like a buggy flash instead.

Maybe it’s just something my copy is doing.


What platform is this on?