Occasionally while playing as hunter the flashlight doesn’t work, forcing me to restart the game because it’s nearly impossible to see anything. Especially on maps like Refeuling Tower.


I’ve always wished the flashlight was toggle able. It’d make sneaking up on a monster easier too. I also wish Val’s sniper had a zoom function. And l wish hunters could suck behind cover.


Oh how I’ve been there with the flashlight and people swearing at you “nice job getting wrapped up in every carnivorous plant along the way” and you’re like “hold on my fucking flashlight just died on me on this end so keep calm and pour yourself a cup”
I always quit when this happens cause it renders darker maps positively unplayable.

And Val’s sniper, to me at least, is a source of frustration: you have the option to either see the monster as a diminutive dot in the distance or you could of course zoom in, have your aim sensitivity halved and see about one tenth of the monster in your sniper scope and before you’ve decided whether what you see is actually it’s face or its ass the moment has passed and you missed the shot.

Listen, the new Xone controller features fully analogue triggers and the PS4’s as well so why not capitalise on that and give us the ability to zoom in dynamically according to how far down you pull the trigger? Oh because that would be hard to work into an actual mechanic?

Perfect Dark Zero which was a launch title (!) on Xbox 360 had that feature. Speaking of technological progress since 2004. shrugs

the unlock for nailing 17 headshots in Val’s mastery is therefore a chore.

Oh but you want sticky cover? No I wouldn’t want that, doesn’t make sense to me in first person and I wouldn’t want hunter gameplay to turn into a cover shooter


I just want a little more hunter survivability. I wish there was something I could do to evade, even if my jet pack is depleted. Even some kind of forward roll mechanic, a short ground dash. I can see it being frustrating for a monster, but not if it only went a tiny distance. Enough that it might save you from that rock throw, but that it probably won’t.


Ok but don’t you already have that with the jetpack thrust?

Thing I know is when I’m spectating a good player once I’m gone, some are quite dexterous at using that thrust at just the right moment. I think you can even dodge Kraken’s Lightning strike with that if it’s timed perfectly?

So there is an evasive mechanism it’s just that it’s hard to master which I guess is a good thing?


I’m not saying I dislike the jet pack. I understand jet pack management and dodging, it’s pretty straightforward. As long as you don’t use your whole jet pack you can dodge something, I’m more saying I wish there was something else you could do besides jetpack dodging. Nothing spectacular, when I picture a combat roll I picture it being like the old gears of war games, very short range and not really useful for getting out of the way of much. But enough to give you something to be a bit more tricky once you’ve just burst away with the last of your fuel and need a way to dodge an incoming vortex. I don’t imagine it going far enough to always escape, but with a little poor aiming on the monsters part it could make a difference if it was a short forward dash.


you’re not making sense.

How would you even know you’re dodge rolling if your playing this game from a first person view?!? This is different from gears of wars.

You do realise that quickly double tapping the jump button and heading in any direction performs a thrust jump? How is that different from a dodge roll? exact same effect. If you want to see your character perform a dodge roll with the camera moving to third person then yeah that would be cool

I do agree that the gameplay as hunter could do with some variety.


I completely understand the jet pack bursting. I like that you can do it any direction, especially straight up into the air. What I’m saying, is I wish there was some kind of short range evasive movement that did not require jet pack fuel. It wouldn’t go far, not like a burst, it would hardly be faster than normal running speed. The only time you’d really use it would be if you had just used the last of your jet pack fuel, and there was an attack you wanted to dodge but couldn’t. It wouldn’t move very far, so a rock throw would probably still hit you. But I think it would add to the game, and that rushed panic feeling. After all of I was Abe with out any jet pack fuel and there was a behemoth rolling at me, I would try and roll out of the way, even if it made no difference. It wouldn’t have to be a roll, maybe just a slide like in Farcry 4. Just something to make hunters a little more evasive when there trying to escape a monster who keeps taxing their jet pack fuel.