Flashing between the gray and orange colors

As the title says, I’m flashing between the color scheme that the mobile uses, and the color scheme that the desktop uses. It’s very brief, but it’s very jarring and annoying.

It happens everywhere, and it tends to last less than half a second. But I notice it. I tried checking my browser (firefox) for any add ons that might be doing something. And I’m not finding anything. Any ideas?

It could be flashing between the two different versions, (mobile and desktop sites)
This is essentially what I’m seeing ^^ I’m sure of it now.

Another thing, I have the forums open on multiple devices, perhaps this is the cause? (phone and desktop)
I closed my phone browser, and it’s still happening.

I have yet to experience this drug.

Looks like they just updated a few seconds ago, do you still have the problem?

It did immediately after, but I’ll give it a few minutes.

Like this?

No everything loads fine, it’s the theme of the forum changing.

I’m on mobile, it jumps to whatever that is back to mobile at random.

It seems to have stopped for now.

This looks like a loading problem. Perhaps involving your internet connection.

The weird square things? Yeah that’s an internet issue

It happened again! Too spooky, someone hold me!

It’ll be ok
I figured out what mine was, every time I refreshed the page it did that, so it’s a different thing.

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I am pretty sure @discourse has been cleaning up the site CSS over the weekend, can you ping him here if you notice any strange things in the UI, screenshots are the bestest.

Okay, what are you on and where can I get it?

It seems to have stopped, and it’s really hard to get any kind of picture because it’s a really quick switch. It might have just been from the update.

I dunno, and I dunno.

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