Flash games


so i got bored and curious about what your guys fave flash games are if you have one :slight_smile: feel free to pick up to 3 different flash games


Super smash flash 1 and 2 are pretty good in my opinion. They are really high quality for being flash games, and actually have some multiplayer potential.


Happy Wheels…


love happy wheels


If you like missile command, MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) is a great game with good music. I’ve played WAY too many on Kongregate.com. If you are bored and want a wide selection of Flash games, that is a pretty good site.


haha i just wanted to see what peoples fave flash games are :stuck_out_tongue: thought it would be interesting to see


People still play flash games?


When you’re at work, you can’t really play the big games without getting caught. Flash games are pretty easy to start/stop/hide.


See you get it lol i do that everyday work wont stop me from gamming XD


hahaha you guys are amazing


I only like one, Summoners War: Sky Arena


haha so i haven’t said witch ones i like, so i thought id share that i like swords and sandals it just sucks that you have to buy the full version of a game like that


Gunmaster Onslaught 2. About the only flash game I play. The first was good, but I like the Uzi in 2 better


yea i see what you mean, but do you like rage gaming at all? cause if so swords and sandals if fun to play, well kinda its more you just level up your aspects and try to take on the enemy in arenas, but its really hard to progress and find just the right combos so it gets frustrating, and once you die you have to start from the beginning so its like a perma death experience :stuck_out_tongue:


Not sure, might look into it. Tentacle Wars was amazing but it had limited replayability. Would love to see a 3rd one. Both 1 & 2 were great.


If you like Tower Defense games, Gemcraft Labyrinth and Gemcraft: Chasing Shadows are 2 of my favorites. I actually stopped playing Chasing Shadows to type this reply lol.


haha thats awesome man :stuck_out_tongue:


hey has anyone here played gun blood?


Never heard of that one…