Flame snare bug? Xbox (with clip)


I was under the impression that the snare did damage while holding the monster. Is that not how it works?

It seems to instead have a residual burn effect that goes away after awhile, even if the monster is still snared. Snare is in the monster still but no flames and no damage.




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I thought this was meant to happen. They just add a fire dot effect when they first hit the monster. I could be wrong though.


They might idk. It was suggested to me to make a thread for it just in case.

Edit: my personal thoughts are its should constantly refresh the flame dot until the FLAME SNARE is taken out and then run its course. Otherwise you are made to choose between CC and damage. Obviously CC is better but still.



I got you. Suppose we’ll find out soon. :slightly_smiling:


i was under the impression that the dot remained during the snare because it refreshes if it wasnt destroyed.

if it doesn’t then thats fine too. this thread is more to figure out what it does


I think that this is intended. I definitely read somewhere that the FS had a static duration. Can’t remember where, though.