Flagging Inappropriate


So if multiple people flag something as inappropriate, it gets hidden so you have to press a button to read it…

If YOU flag something because it’s offensive/offends you… it doesn’t get hidden from you?

Please see if you can find a way to hide posts you’ve flagged. If it passes mediation, that’s fine. But it seems odd that this doesn’t happen.


When you flag a post- when anyone flags a post- it’s not immediately hidden. It gets hidden when a mod validates the flag, or when a post reaches a certain number of flags, I believe. So that’s why it works this way.

Oftentimes I’ve flagged something, it isn’t hidden, I come back later and it is.


Up until you anger @System, that is.


Do you want me to first? I love flagging posts, lol.


Yeah go first.After 10 minutes tell us if it is hidden


I flagged it as inappropriate. For test purposes of course. I’ll check back in 10 minutes.


If we start flagging your post you will never reach a Regular rank…


Check this thread on how flagging works - https://meta.discourse.org/t/so-what-exactly-happens-when-you-flag/275/3


@WiBaKi enjoys being a peasant :blush:. Btw, it hasn’t shown up as flagged.


exactly that’s the way the system works :+1:


I was regular before the game Launched.Didn’t liked it.Went back to being a pleb.

Also as it seems with 1 flag it doesn’t gets hidden.SOmeone do the second one


It’s about three, buddy!