Flagged Comment-no notification


I’m assuming this is a bug, but if it’s not, feel free to move accordingly.

So, a post I made about a day ago got flagged. This thread is NOT about the reason for the flagging, I am fairly sure I know why it was flagged. But usually when a comment gets flagged you get a notification telling you it’s flagged and that you can fix it to get it unflagged and if your edit is also offensive you may face suspension etc. But I didn’t get the notification. I only found out it was flagged because someone liked the comment that was flagged, so I looked to see what comment they liked and saw it was flagged. I like to fix any comments that have been flagged, but I would never have known unless it had been liked.


I know that this isn’t about why it got flagged, but what kind of the three flags was it? That might help.


If it was flagged by the community then I am not sure if you receive a notification.


I’m not sure. Where can I find out?


On the flag it said “Please read your messages.” But I didn’t get any. So I’m not really sure what’s going on


I am not sure then. @discourse has this been reported elsewhere?


Have you checked your inbox? I’ve had messages that involve moderators or moderator attention that hasn’t notified me.

Or maybe with the new update it doesn’t happen anymore.


I hadn’t, but between you and me (and… Everyone else that reads this…) I’ve seen it enough times to know what it says, so I know how to handle a flag and what happens if I abuse that privilege. I’ve checked now, and the message was sent, but there was no notification. If I hadn’t looked to see what was liked, I’d never have known, and that is something I’d like to know. Like I said, thanks to the like I was able to edit the post and fix what I think the problem was, the problem is finding out that there was a problem.

Unless there are types of Flags that don’t give you notifications, in which case this is more of a suggestion than a bug report (if my case is one of the flags that doesn’t give you a notification). But whatever the reason for not getting a notification, I think community members deserve to know if they made a mistake and get a chance to edit it.


I see the PM at the top of your messages.



Yeah, I got the message, but no notification. I thought this was a bug, but apparently it might not be. And a flag is definitely something I would like to know about so I can ammend it.


There was EXTREME load during the announcement of the big change, on the order of ten to hundreds of thousands of times the normal load here, so your notification probably got caught up in that. I wouldn’t worry about it.


Makes sense. Thanks for the input.