Fixing the matchmaking


I absolutely hate it when I get paired with people that have barely played. It doesn’t make sense. I just lost like 20 points because the trapper doesn’t know how to play. Determining ranks should play with determining ranks. And ranked players should play with ranked people. I know it’s hard because of the player limit now, but its not fun losing over somebody that can’t play.


Determining rank players get to fight all different type of ranks because that way the system will know what rank to give them once they finish. Plus, I think I remember that a dev (I don’t remember who exactly) said that they will probably bring a system where new players have to be a certain level (level 35-40) to be able to play Rank Mode and I think that’s a good idea :bucket_salute:


I agree. I’m pushing up in silver skilled, but then I lose several and all my progress because I get put with 3 bronzes. The game then decides that a fair matchup is against a silver expert or master monster. Honestly, most days I think dark souls is less frustrating then this games matchmaking.


I stick with quick play