Fixing the broken characters? It's this easy


Below are a list of things to balance what is currently broken, misused, or misunderstood.

hold X by sound spike to remove it.

Toggle cloak
-remaining cloaked while using laz device, doesn’t reveal him.

Down hunters stopping the feeding of a monster with pistol.

Aftershock changed to a damage over time ability. Or Can only be used while the kraken is grounded.
Stasis grenades slowly pull kraken down.
Harpoons cancel flight animation.

Decoy movement controlled ( like krakens Lightning strike)
Damage out identical to original wraith damage output.
Flicker on decoy removed.
Supernova duration increase.

Leaderboard badges:
-different categories of the leaders board have different badge icons that show what level bracket people are in the game.
Search system- searching by bracket (ranking system) to make games more fun and to match you with people of your ranking class.
Example: WLR 0 thru 1.0 , 1.0 thru 2.0 … 5.0 and higher
Global rank 1-1000 , 1001-5000 , 5001-10,000 , 10,000 and higher.


(fan) Tier 6 polls are open


So landing a harpoon instantly causes the Kraken to fall to the ground, regardless of whether or not it is in there for half a sec or 5 seconds? Bad idea.

Seems difficult to control both the decoy and the real Wraith simultaneously. Suppose it depends on how it would be implemented.

I’m not sure that would be good enough.

Other characters that are broken are: Slim, Val, and Bucket.


I am heavily against absolutely everything you suggested for the Wraith. The only thing I would even consider changing is that she becomes visible without being damaged for a half a second as she does now. Aside from that, she’s completel fine right now. MAYBE increase Supernova cooldown by like 20%, but that’s really it.


Increase supernova’s cooldown? Increasing the cooldown would make the time between super nova’s longer. Do you mean increasing the cooldown speed or reducing the length of the cooldown perhaps? I myself was considering reducing the cooldown of super nova by like 30% or increasing the duration up to 7-8 seconds.



I think I said supernova increased duration??? Duration is how long something last basically.


Was replying to Lyrix4d.


Flight is a strong characteristic
It gives you complete control over the battle field. Using another traversal to get back into the air for that huge advantages needs to be countered. But I get what you are saying, it’s just a thought.

Down hunters stopping feeding with pistol is to assist laz and also stop tediously having to fight a monster at stage 3 with 2 bars of armor.


I just hope that you realize that implementing it in the way you suggested means that Griff would be able to force out a traversal with every harpoon. After 3 harpoons, the kraken would be forced completely to the ground. I acknowledge that CC needs to be changed to actually affect kraken, but your suggestion would cause kraken to be unable to fly, and combed with Val, unable to move.


your 100% right actually, that was dumb what i suggested haha, totally forgot about griffin.



Why should they be able to deny feeding? Pounce breaking, yes. Relay breaking, no, and feed breaking, absolutely not.



If you where following what devs say that’s already being done in the next patch.Not the harpoons canceling animation.I won’t even discuss that yet.

What’s the point?You are revealed for like 1 second?I don’t think any monster waits for Laz to appear when using the glove to stop him.That is impossible even if you have reflexes Over 9000.

Meanwhile Hank orbitalls you like a boss.

You do realize that Leaderboards= time played? If they did what you say King would have our number 1 Evolve player and playing in the highest bracket.The WLR change after leave was implented like 1 or 2 weeks ago.Its still not enough.What you are asking is for a ranked mode.Its coming.But balance will come first and then rank mode.

I just explained why this doesn’t work.Even worse than the WLR thing.

Actually a good thing to do.


He is suggesting this so Kraken can’t dive bomb hunters. I don’t really agree with that but whatever. In scenario A, he can’t dive bomb because hunters have to be in it for as long as possible. In scenario B, he can’t dive bomb because he can’t use aftershock in the air.

Depends on exactly how it is implemented. He could be vulnerable while using decoy if the real wraith isn’t able to move, but there are variations on the idea in such a way that the real one is not vulnerable. The decoy could be controlled by aiming your camera in certain directions while the real one is wasd-ed. The real one could become computer controlled while you control the decoy. Or perhaps using the decoy ability could jump the real one 10 meters in a direction while you control the decoy. Depends really…


Yes, the Decoy being controlled suggestion should be a tad more specific. Could work.


I find it kinda impossible for that to happen.We are talking about a complete rework into something very complex.

I find Decoy working as intended.You send an illusion which deals high damage(Can actually kill you with 2 or 3 hits because Strong Attacks happen in a row sometimes) while giving you time to hide or even sneak away.

Keep in mind that Decoy was never intended for running away.It was just for having an Illusion fight for you while you re-position your self to engange.And that’s why they made Wraith not being able to Traversal while being Decoyed


Problem is that she can’t reposition very well thanks to that, especially since taking damage in Decoy will reveal you so much…I feel like they should either bring back cloakwarping OR give Wraith a move speed buff while cloaked.


Maybe give a buff to movespeed yeah i agree.But anyway i’d like to point out that high-level Wraiths play with Warp Blast and Abduction.And it works like a charm.Wraith is actually an assasin now.Yes there are times that he can just go yolo fight and win.But people like Insane are playing him now like he should be played.

Always be on the move and keep an eye for hunters being slightly more out of position.Abduct him from far away + Warp Blast(Assuming they are both lvl 3) and maybe 1 hit its a sure strike.Run away.Repeat.Do that until you are stage 3 and you have given at least 3-4 strikes.Then go fight.It is really amazing.Insane made us look like kids playing the game for first time


Decoy may very well be working in the way it was meant to work. That doesn’t mean people don’t have grievances with how it does work. A reworking of decoy may very well be justified. I don’t think people are happy with how decoy is now.


I feel like Decoy should prioritize the direction you are looking in at the time of activation and whatever targets are in your crosshairs.

So many time I’ll activate Decoy to pounce an Incapped Hunter and be screwed over by the fact that it goes for someone on the other side of the Dome instead of the guy who would have surely died had it done what I wanted.

So much stress for things that need only a slight tweak.


As I understand, decoy does do that. At least that is what I saw macman say.