Fixing/Adjusting the Analog Stick (Delay/Clunky Feeling?)


This is suggestion for the developers to take a look at the Analog stick mostly for console players. I’ve been testing it out with a couple of other players (PC/Console). To be specific, we tried an experiment where players have to move their reticle while aiming down the sights in a circle. For PC players it was no problem, however Console players witnessed some lag or delay from moving left to right while aiming down the sights. I think this mostly effects head shots and targeting Val’s weak points. I’m not saying we aren’t able to hit them, but it would be easier if there wasn’t a delay while aiming.

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(Bump) It would be awesome if this could happen.


Ohh yes this would be awesome and dont forget my/this Thread about this: Please add more Gamepad-Settings (Console and PC)

Gamepad ist in my opinion the best device for playing games. It would be awesoe when all lags, the slugish acceleration and the deadzone would be more precise, just like in BF 4!

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Let me ask this - when you were aiming, and trying to move in a perfect circle, were you following the path of something moving in a circle, or were you imagining a circle, and trying to move your eyes in a circular direction?

The reason i ask is that without feedback of something to follow (smooth pursuit eye movements), we can’t move our eyes to “trace” a smooth circle in mid-air. Instead, our eyes will make a series of small jumps (saccadic eye movements), and the circle you have imagined, when measured by an eye tracking device, will look more like a octagon or multi-sided polygon. (Try following an imaginary circle on a blank wall with your eyes only, and pay attention to how they move - they will make small jumps instead of moving smoothly).

It could certainly affect the way you aim, so just wondering. Not saying the aiming is perfect, but my professional input to the topic.


Do you play PC or Console?


I play PS4


Can you provide your input on how you feel about the aiming? How would you compare Evolve’s aiming to other FPS in regards to dead zones on the controller which effects smoothness?


I’m probably the worst person I critique aim sensitivity, as I’m bad at it in every game. I play a much better Val/Hank/Markov b/c they rely heavily on a beam. But, I will say, I had a hard time finishing Jack’s 3-star pistol mastery b/c it was head shots. I tend to over or under-correct a lot, but not sure if it is a controller problem, sensitivity problem, or just me. I’m bad at aiming on all FPS games, honestly.


I know what you mean, I find with games like Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, CoD, Battlefield etc, I’m much more precise with aiming and much faster when it comes to target aquisition. Whereas in games like Evolve or GTA V, the aiming is more stiff and harder to be precise with. I always guessed it was because those games I could aim very well with ran at 60fps, but there probably is a level of adjusting that the devs control too. It would be nice to see if this could be changed, my Parnell skills would improve greatly.


@TatzyXY Made a good point about dead zones on controllers which explains the jerking feeling when aiming from left to 90 degrees up. I’m sure there’s a way to adjust it on the development side.