[Fixed] What does the X5 and X10 mean in random role and not getting preferred role?


In the first image it says X5:

And in the second image it says X10:

I don’t see any difference as after the match I get 25 silver keys for both of them.


You don’t see any difference because the event has ended, and the x10 indicator left until you reconnect to servers.


I believe that these labels are a hangover from the cosmic keys event, I don’t believe they should be there any more.



Nope they’ve always been there…it just makes no sense

x5 = 25 Keys
x10 = 25 Keys

I dunno but I do know they need to be buffed as 25 keys isn’t really anything and people still leave


@niaccurshi Thanks for the tag!
@GSUser43 This is weird! This shouldn’t be showing after the event has ended. I have submitted a bug for the wonderful @snowkissed to help resolve!
Thanks for the report.

EDIT: This will be fixed for 2.08 :grinning: