[Fixed] Unable to connect : Issue with account

Hi there , i’m needing help because i’m no longer can connect to game every time I try to login it said : there is an issue with your evolve account please contact 2k support . Cant even see the menu…

I tried to contact support and submited ticket and never get an answer for one week now… if anyone can help thx

Please try this and let me know!

Did it, no result still the same error : there is an issue with your evolve account please contact 2k support

@Gertz Is this similar to the other My2k issues?

No I saw all the preivous posts and self help about connection issues and nothing is like mine . I cant even see the menu…

Have you tried any of the other steps, such as verify your game files, etc…

Yes reinstalled game deleted cache and precache in local files and it still said : there are an issue with your evolve account please contact my2k support . Game was working fine all the month then saturday when i launch it i had this , didnt do anything to my computer or files

There is a patch today, hopefully that will solve your issue.

But did you do verify game files? https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=2037-QEUH-3335

This is different from deleting any cache files yourself.

just did steam verification game files and no result as expected. I hope the new patch will resolve my issue if it didnt work I will tell you . Thx all for your replies

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@Fassi_Fihri Can you send me your Steam64ID and Ill look into it on our side.

  • Gertz

@gertz sent you message with steamID thx for help

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Looking into it now

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@Gertz problem solved !! thank you very much

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