Fixed this game TRS (Resolved)

Yeah, not what he asked at all, but good try.

She’s looking for more information.

Do you always have a low FPS or does it occur with certain characters/abilities or with certain maps?

[quote=“TheMountainThatRoars, post:12, topic:105120”]
Do you always have a low FPS or does it occur with certain characters/abilities or with certain maps?
[/quote]I just said everything has been like that since that update and it doesn’t matter who i pick, what map i choose or what ability i use because the lag, input lag and low FPS is always there

Okay, that’s what Michelle is trying to make sure of. Your original response wasn’t clear, that’s all.

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I just experienced 10 FPS in my last game

Can you please verify your game cache? A file or more might have become corrupted, causing this…

If it’s still happening after that, please post your dixdiag.

[quote=“m3teeh, post:17, topic:105120”]
Can you please verify your game cache?
[/quote]Already done that and still no joy

@ArPharazon, help?

How far down DxDiag do i copy?

The System Information and Display Devices areas should be sufficient~

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On my way to work, I’ll try to think of something. It’s a strange case.

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Barring any other suggestions I would try rolling back one driver version to see if it’s a combination of one of the last two Evolve Stage 2 updates and video drivers, which seem to have been updated beginning of this month. just before the 2.13 game update?

I don’t know if you’re a daily player or once a week, but it’s possible an update to game and drivers could have caused it two weeks ago and you’re playing more now and it just came to a point?

What graphics settings are you using in Evolve’s graphics options? May want to also check out Nvidia’s control panel, see if there are any strange options set there.

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I had trouble with my fps after the update before last, a full system restart after rolling back my drivers sorted it. Not to say you’ve not tried it, but have you restarted your computer?

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Also everything seems to be fine on the Nvidia control panel

Use to play everything on max, but started getting CryEngine Error so now i use GeForce Experience game optimization

I have tried everything up to this point

That right there… don’t do that. At least, try using our regular video options. I don’t believe Nvidia’s options work with Stage 2. I’ve heard other people having problems with them. That stuff was not written by us and we don’t test with it.

Try setting to High instead. If that doesn’t work, delete your User Data and then set the options again, using our Main Menu, not Nvidia.


I’ll give it a shot

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