[Fixed] Stage 2: Mouse movement unresponsive after unplugging xbox 360 controller


Had my xbox 360 controller plugged in and immediatly unplugged it after i started shooting with my mouse and it vibrated off my desk (lol) Upon unplugging it my mouse wasn’t working anymore but i could still shoot with it. Tried to restart the tutorial but it didn’t work. Restarting the game was the only fix. Sounds Minor but could be an annoyance in the long term.


Got it reported into our database. Thanks for the report!


I don’t think it’s a bug comming from the game but from the computer instead. It happened to me when I was using an Xbox controller on The Crew.
Do you play on a Microsoft device? If so, did your mouse made beeps when moving it?


@Mrpie Did you see a popup that said something like “Your controller has been disconnected… etc” ?


Yep i do remember getting a message of a controller disconnect and to re-plug it.


Thanks for the info! I’ll be looking for this issue. …It doesn’t occur 100% of the time for you when you disconnect your controller, does it?