Fixed position deployables toggle


For hunters with deployable items, traps, mines, darts etc, I would like to see a right click (or toggle) added to them which means they do not despawn when you cycle through your 5 items.

For example, you want to lay two harpoons on a choke point in a dome fight. But during your chasing of the monster you keep deploying traps but now have gone through 5 and redeploying more will cancel out your two traps at that choke point.

Instead right click leaves a trap that will always be there until you right click again/it is destroyed.

To be clear, two right clicks leaves two traps permanently there leaving three others to cycle through as you need them on the fly.

Improved utility for everything from dart coverage, mines/traps on flanks/ X amount of sound spikes in a perma place with Y left over to put down on the fly etc…


That is… interesting, how about the ‘‘permanent’’ deployables show as a yellow on the deployables tab ?


Yeah. Was thinking a colour scheme for the deployables.

Blue bars currently shows what temporary employable you have out. Red is blank. Yellow could show how many fixed position items you have deployed. This could also be reflected on the mini map.