[FIXED] Kala still not in the store PS4 Central North America


I have Kala cuz I have the hunting pass 2 but she isnt in the store yet. I wanna buy her jellyfish skin and the new Gorgon Zola skin but they arent showing up. @Shaners @LadieAuPair @Chloe

I can't find Kala

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I am on ps4 in North america Minnesota so central time


I have her because of the season pass, but I guess the new Gorgon skin comes out the same time she hits the store. I looked for it a few times.


Ive been looking since 6


Yeah he’s right. I just got back from class and she’s still not in the store. I live on the east coast US so it’s 10:43 right now.


9:43 where i live. i m in minnesota


Looking into what’s up, guys. I’ll let you know what I find.


I’m in Pennsylvania and I still don’t have kala. I downloaded the update, but kalas notation not in the store.


Thanks, it may be because I don’t have the season pass. Or is it suppose to be out for everyone at this point?


I thought she was supposed to be in the store by now, but other people are saying she isn’t there either.


Thank you so much I knew I could count on you :] @LadieAuPair


I’m in Missouri and I could play her but couldn’t see her in the store or any of the new Skins.


@skills4u2envy initiation… He’s from Minn


Alright, we’re working on getting it sorted. I’ll keep everyone posted. No ETA at the moment.

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Its not just kala its the new skins for her and gorgon


Yeah, it’s all part of the same update. On that, too!


Thanks for looking into it right away :] why I love you guys and this game