[Fixed in TU09] Wins not registering on leader boards


I play bob on Xbox one, my gamertag is fish head 07 and four days ago my wins reached this magic number: 2755 what makes that number magic you may ask? Because it appears to be the maximum amount of wins someone can have with a single character, I say that because I’ve been playing the crap out of him for the last four days and my wins don’t go up, my WLR, time played, and distance traveled goes up, but none of my wins are registering anymore, I went to 2K support, but they where no help, I thought maybe I’d been banned for some reason, but I can still play, so it’s not that, my friends on Xbox see this happening also, so it’s not a problem on my end, did I break the Behemoth leaderboards TRS? I’m begging you please help!! (The images below are to prove this is happening, they are the leaderboards before and after a game I played last night.)

Leaderboards won't update please help
The Leader Boards are Broken
Leaderboard is buggy, sry :)
Why the leaderboard isn't fixed yet on PS4?
Why the leaderboard does not count victories anymore?
Why the leaderboard does not count victories anymore?
Wins still not registering on leaderboards for my character
XB1 Character leaderboard not updating for me

2755 matches as Behemoth, 245 hours.
thats 5:20 average.

You may have been flagged to be reviewed for cheats mcGeets…
Congrats on your victories :slight_smile:
Its no big deal, Ph.Keith does it all the time… :wink:

Keep being awesome, your wins are there, just hidden XD


Who’s Ph.Keith? Just curious and I just checked, my average time actually adds up to 11:24 and 2K didn’t say I’d been banned or flagged, they just wanted me to clear my cache and reinstall the game.


i think the leaderboards are very buggy this time look at Rank 12 he has 451 wins but a W/L of 453 this isnt possible he must hv a W/L of 451 like his wins

sry for my bad English ^^


I noticed that too, but his his WLR didn’t become an impossible number until the same day this started happening to me. It was mathematically correct before that, this is another reason I’m leaning toward I broke the bob leaderboard. Lol


ok i won as Lennox ( im #1 on Ps4 ) and i didnt get my win it must be a bug i hv only 718 wins as her

Wow i cant play Gorgon because i didnt want 2 get a stupid record like this if u hv a higher W/L as ur wins it looks really stupid

btw great work on ur Behemoth u hv 1000 wins more as the Rank 1 Behemoth on Ps4 xD


Maybe that’s what’s happening, no one can get wins, and number 12 got 2 wins that didn’t register but his WLR went up anyway, this is probably what’s going on, thank you! your a genius!


What’s your 2K support ticket number? I’ll look into it.


#1469810 thanks DB!


For days now i have not received a win with any of my monsters… I posted about this a couple days ago. You still get losses just not wins



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God bless you . <3

I hope it will be fixed for you … but I am facing sometimes that my wins is not being registered in leader board for some odd reason


:db: is king


Lol, thanks. It appears that no one can get wins with any character at the moment, maybe this is being caused by TRS working on the Elder Kraken update.


You’re not gaining wins because you didn’t take your vitamins.


LOL that’s what my GF keeps telling me!


When did this happen!? <3 :db: haha


In this magical place, Yesterday :bucket_cute:


That’s really strange. Never heard of that happening before. I’m not an Xbox player though.

Also don’t forget to take your vitamins!


After 1 Week i came back to Evolve and my painted Eyes must see this…
YEAH a new bug on Evolve

U can see he has 615 wins but a W/L of 622.00 this is wrong

i hv play today against a bad Monster as Kala and Lennox but i just got the win on my W/L

its impossible to Rank up on the Leaderboards

it looks stupid if the W/L ratio is higher as the Wins

sry for my bad english again ^^


Isn’t there already a thread about this?