[Fixed] I do not have Meteor Goliath Founder Badge


I am a founder, I bought the game quite a while back, been starting to get back into the game since it has gone free to play and I can’t seem to find this badge anywhere, I have literally looked all over the badge page.


I believe you have to activate your Founder’s bonuses first.


How do I do that?


Not too sure, I’m on console so I don’t have Stage 2. But I remember there has been a thread where someone else didn’t the Founder’s bonuses and they were told they had to activate them.


What’s your Steam ID?


You should have it now!


I also still haven’t gotten the badge . I replied back to your message though it was 13 days late. :sweat_smile:


Thank you that is great


Thanks for the reminder, looking now!


I believe a fix went in today so that every founder who was missing the badge should have it if they log in. :smiley: