[Fixed] FAQ for Battlefy Outdated


So I was reading about the upcoming Community Tournament 2.0 on Battlefy. The new rules look interesting but the FAQs at the bottom seem to be from the first tourney. There were only two that really stood out. The very first FAQ talks about the map pool system that is no longer in place. The second FAQ that stood out was about the skins and it talked about the Taurus skin that is no longer a reward.


I believe the prize section is out-of-date, as well. It still states that Neptune and Union Jack are the awards, while also saying that they’ll be locked in the vault after the 13th (which is referring to February 13th, the date of the last tournament).

Good catches, by the way. :smiley:


Thanks man and yea I also thought those skins were supposed to be done on the 13th.


I knew there was something I forgot, but I can get all this adjusted tomorrow when I get onto my work rig.

The skin thing however is staying the same for this first run through of 2.0, and I believe we’ll be changing it after this first Battlefy run with the new rules.

Are you ready for Battlefy 2.0?
Battlefy Community Tournament v2.0 (March 26th)

Awesome! Thanks for the update. :slight_smile:


Thanks for keeping us posted!


Oh Thank Goodness…wanted another Krak (see what I did there) at the Kraken Skin!

Quick Question. I noticed Elder Kraken was left out of Eligible Monsters. Intentional or just an oversight?



Rules are now updated for all platforms. Sorry about the confusion!


So I noticed the Rule Changes.

  • Characters can only be played once per series.

  • Tie-Breaker maps are their own pool with Phantoms as Map Effects.