[Fixed] Evolve Stream Still Online :/


Yeah so the stream on twitch is still live if someone wants to turn that off. Lol not sure if anyone else noticed :confused:


Wtf, it shows as offline here. I don’t know what’s happening.


they’re hosting juju for me


This ^



I was about to make a post on this. I’ve been itching to watch the archive.


Yeah I missed the live stream and was going to watch the archive, but it says that Evolve is still live.


Same thing is happening to me


Best thing to do is to turn off that pc you use for streaming lol simple way, efficient way

Btw: stream is still live lol


Don’t worry everyone. I have sent an email!


We’re I X’d out of everything. OMW! Thank you Tara!


I think we’re good now… let me know if you still see it as online!


No more online, seems you fixed it :smiley:
@TheMountainThatRoars should we close this thread now? :slight_smile:


God, i went to your channel and it says that the stream lasted 6 hours lol


Pretty Funny


We fixed it, yo