[Fixed] Crash After Quantum Update

Hello friends! I need the help of community, i’m experiencing crashes in the login screen of quantum caira, ALL the time, i dont know what happened, i was playing normally before the update, my drivers are all up to date, i’ve checked the cache, deleted, everything others crashes did to solve this, nothing really worked.

I have and Win 7, Amd Fx-6300, AMD radeon HD 7700 with 1GB Ram, 8GB Ram.

I’m in great need of help :frowning:

same problem here =/
and alot of players are reporting this issues on the Steam Community Hub of Evolve… After the patch if you move your mouse to any option (play, profile or any other) the game instacrash ‘-’

@All-Father and @TheHex, sorry to ask but I just want to make sure that you followed everything in here:

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Could you fix it somehow?

@snowkissed i read it all, the most like it was this:

which seems not to be at all, because it was after an update, his problem was after he installed it, i play evolve since it’s launch, it’s new to me this problem, it never happened before. it was like @TheHex said, if i move the mouse, it crashes.

Hmm, that’s super weird. Going to flag @MrStrategio so he can maybe get more information from you so we can figure out what’s going on

Actually, looking at local files, i have a kinda big error.dmr file.

Can you put the error.dmp file in a dropbox somewhere for us to grab and debug please?

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Can u get it here? I’m not sure if i did right.

I’m having the same problem that the All-Father and also spotted this error.dmr file

I have the same problem and i have error.dmr too, so idk what to do now, i played everyday before last update…

Thanks for the dump! We were able to open it and I’ve sent it to the correct department who’ll hopefully find a fix soon.


Eu estava com o mesmo problema e instalei o windows service pack 1 e meu evolve voltou a funcionar

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I had the same problem and installed the windows service pack 1 and my evolve returned to work

Sorry, I forgot to reply! This crash should be fixed the next patch (tomorrow?)!
Please let me know if you’re still crashing after getting the latest update. :scream:


It’s work now after the new update, thank you for the help :slight_smile:


Thanks to All-Father for the crash dump! :smiley: #teamwork


It’s 100% functional, thanks a lot everyone, and thx @m3teeh


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