I’ve had it, I honestly tried to be patient and forgiving, but nope, this f***ing game has shortened my life span. Let’s get on to the problems. 98% of the time I search for a match I get “The connection to your previous session has been lost or no longer exists” after three minutes of sitting in the queue, and holy f**ing jesus if I do get a game its already half over. I don’t want to play as Markov or Val or any of the tier 1 hunters after I grinded my fing ass if to unlock the other hunters. What kind of shit is that? And if I do decide to play out the match, it disconnects at the end of it anyways so it’s another 30 minutes dicking around with the matchmaker. How the fk do you have such a polished alpha and beta then release this garbage? For fks sake, you make BF4 look better at launch because it was actually playable.

Doesn’t matter if my preferred role is monster or hunter, I can’t play without being in a group with friends, and that’s the only time I play hunter (because hunter pubs are cancer). Also, it’s not on my end, its just Evolve, I have my internet and ports optimized for gaming, so I don’t know what their problem is.

It saddens me that I payed $70 for this game after being convinced from personal experience that I adore this game after the alpha and beta, only to be disappointed.

Is this issue even on their “list” of known issues? I’ve contacted customer support, they were as helpful as a potato, so I don’t know what to do now.

/end rant


Excuse me while I go purchase a Hazmat Suit, because this thread is #Toxic.


I’m sorry you are upset but there is nothing much I could say personally. There Promise is plainly spelled out that they are here for us. It’s only been a few days and we just had a weekend so lets give them a chance, shall we? I know you are extremely frustrated and venting but we are truly at the mercy of 2K and TRS getting those fixes in quickly. That being said Macman has stated they will most likely have a patch out this week.

How much is on that patch we don’t know yet. Lets hope it fixes multiple issues. Have a little more patients and sit tight. I know it’s hard but I trust them. You should too.

They promised, remember? Lets hope they keep it. :smile:


I honestly have faith in TRS because they have proven themselves with past titles, but this sort of issue I’ve never had before while others can play just fine.


I think it took them by surprise as well. Some of the hardest bugs always show up after retail launch.


Are you sure it’s not on your end? (connection dropping, playing on a laptop via wifi or something, I don’t know)
Because I don’t experience any of the problems you have.
Apart from joining some games that are already halfway through, but I don’t consider that a problem. You would appreciate it too if somebody of your hunters disconnected/left and somebody else took his spot, so why hate on it


i agree that is so fucking annoying. i don’t mind playing with pubs but at least let me play the role that i fucking chose.
sometimes you get stuck in a game 30 mins in as your least preferred role. fuck that. close game.


i gotta be honest, 2k support is pretty potato

just like any other email-only-based-support


Definitely not me, I have a PC, 2 Xbones and a PS4 in my house, internet is 150d 40u, all ports optimized, i’ve had this setup for two years now between me and my roommate. I can run any other games or services without problem.

On second thoughts, this is TRS first “New gen” game, so problems like this are expected.


Yes, problems are ofcourse to be expected. It’s just really strange that so many people have all these problems, yet I haven’t experienced any.
I might just be lucky or somethin, but damn.

I guess I’m just getting a bit tired of seeing all these ‘problem/bug’-posts. I read through them tho, to see if I can help, but most problem-posts are just rants & insulting towards TRS/2K (no offense).


Please clean up your post so it can remain visible. Little too much language use. I know you’re angry, but please…we still want to hear you out, just without the cussing.


LOL his language really isn’t that bad. Now mods are shutting down legitimate complaint threads. WOW


Didn’t know how strict these forums are, cleaned up the messy parts.


Still seems to me the problem might be on your end. I usually find a game within 10 seconds and I get disconnection only in about 1 out of 20 games.

(But I agree that the way characters are chosen for you is not as good as it could be. Hopefully it will get tweaked soon).


He didn’t shut down anything so don’t play that game. He only asked for the op to clean up his post a bit since it was littered with profanity. Any forum you visit would ask the same, hell some would just lock it.

The moderators are some of the most laid back I have encountered.


Exactly, except one thing… most other forums would have likely just locked the thread and banned the guy.


This, all of this x10. I can’t think of once when someone else even dropped from my game, and I haven’t been disconnected myself since Beta (Did happen twice there, out of 60+ matches). It’s obvious when people have quit (immediately after an embarrassing death or something), and even that for me (thankfully) has been rare.

And @b1nge made an even more stellar point - as much as I don’t love joining mid-game I don’t mind it because I know I’m helping other folks out. I like it a whole heck of a lot better than I do having teammates rage-quit and then having 3/4 of a team. (There are times the AI does okay, but as a whole, at higher levels, it’s not enough).

Lastly - and I hope ALL ragers take this into consideration - you want to enjoy this game, chillax some and just enjoy playing the character you get dropped into mid game. It won’t be but 3 or 4 minutes, you get to help your fellow gamer, and then the Lobby will set things as straight as it can.


We try not to be too hard core about it but if the post is littered with it, especially a main topic thread, it might get hidden/closed since our policy here is to keep it looking decent. But we know a lot of people are angry so we try to give them a chance to rant also. Since it’s a main topic thread I wanted to make sure you had your thoughts heard out. Thank you for understanding.


It’s funny how some people have no problems at all while others struggle to find a match and retain good connectivity… It’s almost if… It is almost if there are other factors to count in… hm. Bear with me on this one, it’s a far stretch but what if service providers and the integrity of the system you’re playing on heavily affect your experience?

I know this never happens in any game, but it might here!


I never had any of the issues you describe in your post, what platform are you playing on anyways?