Fix YOUR crashing issues Devs!

I am so sick of being returned to dashboard mid game all the time. This is at least the 20th time this has happened. New update comes out and you guys STILL don’t fix this. Jesus get a clue.

Update: 3rd crash today, this time on all random maps. Not even just broken hill.

Devs already stated that finding the source of this bug is very hard and they need our help. If you could just record it or describe when it happened, that would be awesome and helpful friend :smile:

Broken hill maps. All the time it’s on broken hill and no one will vote to skip it, and I get dash boarded every time.

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Try to keep the topic away from insulting the devs on not fixing it. As @Sentry_Gun said

So things like

Don’t really help out :smile:

What? You can’t show them you’re angry? They make a fantastic game and just find ways to make people angry. Like releasing 35% of a game on release day with $150 worth of DLC. You can be all nice and “Oh it’s okay, just fix it when you guys want!” They need to know it causes anger in the community and it’s frustrating playing a game with so much potential that just disappoints you sometimes. Especially with the skins. The skins could’ve been so much better, and they could’ve put a whole body skin instead of gun skin that doesn’t even match the rest of you. It’s just makes me mad because I like the game so much.

If you like the game so much I highly suggest you stop bashing on the developers. To fix issues they need constructive criticism not this. Please refrain from insulting the developers for “releasing 35% of the game […] with $150 worth of DLC.” because they have not cut anything from the final product that was then added on later. As for whole body skins they said it was unlikely to happen due to technical reasons and Hunters won’t be getting full body skins for other reasons.

Please remain civil and keep in mind the developers are people that have put all their hard work into making this game great, calling them out on your beliefs doesn’t help anyone fix the problems at hand.

If you wish to discuss why certain things do not work further I recommend PM-ing me or someone else as these forums are meant for constructive criticism and feedback :smile: