Fix Wraith 1234


Too op to be fun, You walk in and suddenly one teammate takes 90% hp worth of damage, you try to revive them while the wraith is Dist-Nope. Wraith teleports in and grabs you. And then kills you with it
For a stealth monster, It sure as shit can wipe out the team on STAGE F¤#"% 1!


Wraith isn’t really stealth, it’s a guerrilla fighting machine.

What I would advise any player is this… don’t be too quick to revive a teammate. Most monsters want to use a downed hunter as an opportunity to initiate on another who goes to help. If the medic is still up make sure the medic is healing the hunter (enough heals will also revive the hunter from the ground!) and continue the fight.

Wraith has some huge burst abilities, so keep enough jetpack fuel to have the opportunity to dodge out of the way.


Tell me sir, how many hours have you put into this game?


What are you trying to say to him, that he suck?


Nope. I want to know If he played his 1st game aginst Founder monster and after losing he came here complaining about Balance.


But its not a sectret that the wraith is op and is still unfun to play.


For You? maybe. For Him? maybe. For me? nope.