Fix to not being able to play on PS4


Guys, I have figured out a fix to the problem of Evolve being unplayable on PS4. I had this happen once last week, and I just turned off my console and turned it back on and when I went to play Evolve, it worked. You guys might have to continue doing that until TRS permanently fixes it.


The fix is to play on pc or on Xbox. TRS not cares about ps4 we are not able to play about 7 weeks now.

I think they never will fix this cause the low player base.


To be fair if the population really is that low, it wouldn’t make any sense to invest in it. As cruel as it may sound. Jump on the PC bandwagon though!


You know this isn’t true. I get that you’re frustrated, but let’s not vilify TRS. If the issue was wholly fixable on their end I highly believe it would be taken care of.

We don’t have all the facts and it’s not fair to cast blame without proof.

Keep in mind that if this were an issue with the game, all platforms should be experiencing issues.


Tell that my mate @Call_my_Mummy who bought a ps4 only for evolve :open_mouth: But on pc there are as well only 350 player peak.

Yes I am already but on console evolve its a bit more fun cause the game is slower on both sides. And fights are longer…So if its possible I would ratrher go for console.

I am not sure anymore. There is no single sign from the devs.

Yes for sure. But they host on psn even there they have to care about the game. Its like: “Our game is working on our servers but with sony psn proxy not so we cant do anything.”

But they have my money.

Yes I think as well it is a issue with trs server in symbiosis with psn servers. But that is no excuse that the game is not working on a plattform where it was released. What you think if the division has those issues at the moment it would be fixed in one or two days.

At the end I think sony has ported some low playerbase games on low priority servers what not harms us in the weekend but at the weekend cause more players. And I think as well that Sony is not amused of the idea to port the evolve server back to a higher priority or stronger server.

And its not the problem that it takes so long its the problem that we dont hear anything. If it will be fixed summer with the patch ok, if it will be fixed in one month ok. But closing all threads which belong to ps4 connection issues or the devs say no word about this issue feels frustrating and not fair.


If there was an update, then they would share it. Remember they get notified every time there is a drop in the player base so its not like they aren’t aware of then it is happening. But when you have to rely on another company it can leave you and your players in the dark. There used to be bugs due to Nvidia drivers and TRS dogged Nvidia for a long time before Nvidia released a fix.

TRS has been diligently working on Evolve for over a year, and so far have released 8 title updates. They are far from giving up on the game.


we all know you moderators Love TRS but he is right. you need to face the problem this game has and not trying to talk them good everysingle time or deleting posts.
for me it’s not normal that the charge bug on goliath can’t be fixed within a month i’ve lost at least 4 or 5 matches because that charge didn’t worked while the medic has 5 % health or i got domed because i was stuck in animation, and that was on ranked so it feels extra salty. And iv’e bought all the dlc thats 50 euros + 50 euros for the game itself and the support is lacking, it takes way to much time to fix something or balance things.
i even bought the game for ps4 but the balancing there is even worse like slims spore cloud, which is a smoke grenade instead of a spore cloud, monsters who have more health and armor then they need, and on the hunter side even worse teamplay then pc.


That charge fix is likely part of the TU9 update which has been pushed back due to reasons beyond TRS control.

Whether I like TRS or not is irrelevant. Placing blame without facts is a slippery slope.


it was actually a little bit more sarcasm rather then a fact but i think you know what i mean :wink:


It is true though that laude said they had a test that they were going to do on the weekend and that they would keep us updated. Well 2 weekends have passed and we haven’t heard anything. Did the test not work? Did it work? Where’s this update on the problem? Some people can only play on the weekends so I’d be pretty frustrated too if I couldn’t play the game at all and everytime I tried to get an anwser the thread got insta locked.


You guys :frowning: Please don’t say that I don’t care or we aren’t working on this. I said when I have meaningful updates I would share.

I’ve requested the locked threads because 1) duplicate threads make it hard for me to keep track of things and update people 2) they turn into a thread of complaints (that are on the verge of just insults) and that doesn’t help me fix anything.

I know it’s there, we’re working on it. Posts that are “omg 12 years later it’s not fixed, TRS doesn’t care” both don’t help me resolve the problem and to be honest, make me feel shitty as a dev because I do care, we are working on it; I just don’t have anything to share yet.

So please, let’s all play nice. And remember, I get a notification on my phone every time this happens. Every weekend. Normally early in the morning for me before I’d rather be awake. So trust me, I want this to go away just as much.


Thank you ladie. Between this the leaderboard issue and tu9 I’m sure you have your plate full and have been working plenty of overtime. While these issues/bugs are frustrating for both us and your team, I (and many others id assume) do appreciate the progress updates, even if there is no progress at all. We may sound unappreciative, but it’s only because we love evolve and enjoy playing it. Hopefully u and ur team can resolve this in an upcoming work week. Enjoy ur day off, everyone deserves/needs them.


I hear you. I promise to update more frequently, even if I have little to no progress to show, just so you guys know we have haven’t forgotten about this issue. :yellow_heart:


Thank you for the update! This is exactly what we need to get through this hard time. People think (me included) when we dont hear anything from the devs that they dont care and they not really work on it. This Statement shows us: “Ohh yes they didnt forget us”.

Ohh thats nice that TRS working on it. I cant understand why TRS dont give us then a little update in the main thread. We are a small community if you guys need time then just say it but leave us not every week in the dark. Every week a little update in the main thread would avoid so much complains.

Its ok but then just post it in the main thread: “Guys we are still working on it but no special updates” or what ever :wink: - If we dont hear anything then we think: “Ohh they forgot this issue, we have to remind them”…


“But when you have to rely on another company it can leave you and your players in the dark.”

Another company? This is news to any of us. I did not see mention of that before. The impression so far has been that TRS’s own devs are directly working on this. Not another company. And see, this right here is why so much anger has been directed at TRS. And you wonder why. It’s not because we’re a bunch of DB’s. It’s because you’ve not given us enough info about exactly what’s going on. Is that the case?

I do not buy the statement “we have literally nothing to update you on”. Because you surely must have an idea of what is causing the issue? Or no idea at all? I can understand that the latter may be too embarrassing a road to go down. But if it’s the former why not enlighten us. I’ve deduced 4 scenarios of the current situation:

  1. TRS is leaving this to another company 100% and is totally dependent on them lifting a finger

  2. TRS is handling this issue themselves, but does not believe any technical dialogue whatsoever is necessary until they have 100% solved the problem. Probably because they think we are not interested in it.

  3. TRS does not have the resources in-house (you are pretty small developer afterall…) to solve this problem whilst also trying to get TU9 done. This is not nice to admit, nobody likes to feel small. Trust me I know all about this from my own professional working life.

  4. TRS still has absolutely no idea what is causing the issue and is afraid to admit this for fear of looking incompetent/weak and knows that after 7 weeks, this is not going to be met with a lot of sympathy by the player-base. So would rather keep us at a distance until someone at TRS punches the air screaming “I’ve diagnosed the issue and can fix it!”

Thanks for not closing the thread so far, one of the things that you should also be aware of keeping threads active, is so that any frustrated new player who has just bought the game can quickly see when visiting the forum that "oh, my very poor experience this weekend is clearly NOT the norm "

I found it incredibly difficult to find the main thread when I first came to the forum. You guys really should pin it for the new players especially. I am always seeing rank 1 hunters (and they play like rank 1 hunters) I am not surprised as this game is less that $15 in the UK now to buy…

Truth is you should not have made such an awesome game that makes us feel there is no alternative out there and feel very dependent on you guys working a fix. Please give more to your updates than “Nothing to share”, yes we need to know that you haven’t forgotten the issue but we also need reason to hope there is a path to getting it fixed. Share a bit more what you think the issue might be and what’s going on. This does not have to be a huge paragraph of an update. Just a few lines that is a bit more than “nothing to share”.


So what is this problem for not being able to play? I play on PS4 daily and have no issue.


It happens mainly on and in the hours around Saturday. Sunday night’s seem to be fine (GMT). Weekday nights are fine too apart from the usual glitchy stuff.


I don’t know. I’m not having any issues getting games no matter what time of day.


I think you’ve just been connecting outside the timezone where the problem focuses, frankly. When there is a clear problem next weekend, I’ll message you to check on whether you can/cannot connect.


I play through out the day. Sometimes all day… It sort of sucks not having a job.