Fix this stuff


For real? If it isn’t bad enough there’s a massive favoritism toward a random joining in as the monster even if it’s your lowest on the list (I’ve played seven games today where I’ve been shoe-horned into playing the monster) you have to deal with the stupid bugs too?

If you get screwed into starting out the match as the monster (taking over for the bot) and move on to stage 2, the skills unlocked by the bot are gone. Meaning that, despite being stage 2, you only get 3 points to spend on abilities and whatever you had before are ****ing gone.

Seriously, this is annoying as hell when you’re constantly being thrown into the game as a monster and all it does is force people to leave because they’re not only playing something they don’t want to, they’re underpowered as a result. Fix this ****.


I realize your title isn’t swearing per say, but I still feel like I should change it to be a little less… Toxic.


Yea sorry OP he has a valid point, I had a thread edited by a mod for a similar reason!

I know these bugs etc are frustrating, believe you me I know all about them!

You will find on occasion if you end up joining a public game and say there is 2 groups of 2, or one of 4, you are always going to be the monster, its simply how the game works currently, best thing to do is ask after the game (if you haven’t left) if they are grouped etc, so you know what to expect in future games!

Personally I look for these kind of group compositions as i love playing the monster!

I haven’t had any issues with the taking over bot thing yet, will keep an eye out, be sure to make a post on 2ks bug report thread so there is more information for them to hopefully get all these kinks ironed out!


Yeah I’m gonna just go ahead and do it. Ain’t harming anything.


Kinda hard not to be toxic when you have a frustrating game experience, especially one that could have been knocked out by QA (in reference to the bug in question).

It happens 100%, every single time. With that kind of ease of replication, it’s amazing that no-one else has picked up on it yet.


I just mean he could not be so intense and angry. I understand his frustrations, but still.

Also, I don’t know where you’re getting 100%? Almost never happens to me.


Intense and angry seem to be the only posts TRS answers so i say go for it


I’d also appreciate it if you would address me as “you” when referring to me as the original poster, thanks.

Do you understand what how the bug is replicated? Because it happens -every- single time, it’s not a hit or miss sort of thing. If you’re not experiencing it then you’re probably not joining in a match as the monster and taking over a bot.


Oh God, sorry friend! I wasn’t even paying attention! Lol.

I’ve joined matches as Goliath Bots in the past and this has never happened to me…
Although I HAVE heard of it happening to others. What system are you on?


TRS is and has always been very active with it’s fan base. They are currently swamped with other launch related things right now such as attempting to fix bugs and glitches.


Ah, had this bug once too when I got dumped in Wraith’ shoes.

Spent my points on stage 2 only to notice the previous points set by the AI/Bot were gone :frowning: