Fix the trash you call matchmaking


I am put in 4 evacuation games in a row as monster when its my 5th choise. I allways leave. I am put in the middle of games all the time. I leave every time. I SPEND MORE TIME LOOKING AT MENU SCREENS THAN PLAYING. Just think about the players, dont you feel sad when you see people regreting buying the game?


You likely got matched with a party of four.

Also, being an ass is not like to send people running to help you. Critiques and discussion will get you further than impertinence.


But the best way to get people to listen to you is to tell them their product is garbage.


Clearly. :monster:


Changed your topic to Feedback. You’re welcome, chum.


You’re hurting yourself worse by leaving. Your best bet to get the class you want is to stay in the game until the next round when you should get your class.

Also, with evac, you can’t change from Monster to Hunter between the 5 days, only at the start of a new evac campaign can you switch from being the monster.