Fix the rockwall


It is the Behemoth main ability. That was his main feature in advertise. Im freaking tired of this not working ability. Or decrease the windup animation/cooldown for this ability in the next micropatch, that wouldn’t be so OP because most of the times this wall is broken. And when you finally fix your code you can revert it back.

It’s ultra unfair. He is slow and had only 3 working abilities. This wall was meant to compensate that. But instead it’s punishing him.


Yeah, I hope some dev confirmes that they will check that up, it’s very annoying.


This is why I don’t pick the Behemoth until it’s sorted out.


Let’s not forget fissure canceling itself


Rockwall is getting looked at. It’s quite annoying, yes. Try not to spawn wall around yourself, your body will shut it down for sure.


Yeah, its a programing issue so its taking a little longer to fix


Vulgarities in your subject are unnecessary. Please keep your posts constructive.


What’s worse then anything is if griffen can harpoon you after cast and the harpoon not only doesn’t break but is apparently four damn segments wide and breaks a titanic hole in the wall. Hardcounters wall completely.


I’ve never seen the wall fail alot. Maybe it just happens alot with u guys