Fix the pounce against Assaults


I m sorry but now how do you even pounce an Assault anymore what even is the point i mean their gun is enough to stop themselves being pounced and it s really really getting on my nerves like wth that guy is all alone his whole has been wiped and i can t even pounce for fuck sake come on there is no reason that they can t be pounced what the fck TRS


Hit them with a heavy then pounce. The way most assault weapons work is they deal their damage so fast via ticks that they gap between a pounce and a tick is practically something that won’t be allowed to happen.

All you got to do is time a pounce after a melee :smile: or hell even an ability depending on the monster.


but you can t pounce fast enough because the wayTRS rigged it


Yes you can. Done it many times, just takes practice.


Heavy + pounce is fast enough. You can also knock them against a wall, or use a tumbling ability.


You are unhappy because you cant pounce an assault in mid combat?


Lmao. I was thinking the same thing and let it slide.


The lag really makes it hard to pull off good pounces play solo and you’ll notice a huge difference between offline and online pouncing.


You can pounce assault … time it right

I think the game should not let the monster pounce assault while he is damaging the monster because his role is only to deal damage and should be punishing that will not allow the monster to pounce


someone sounds salty and its not me for once


Stop playing predictably, problem solved.

Seriously, though. Only time I ever pounce an Assault (aside from them being the last-man standing) is when they’re trying to run away from me as opposed to keeping a steady stream of primary weapon fire going, because I already know that Assaults are highly likely to interrupt pounces performed against them (if they’re the last man standing) and IMO, that’s the way it should be.


There in only one flaw in being pounced. The Assaults can’t activate the personal shield when they get pounced :confused: I don’t know if this a bug or not but it needs to be fixed or looked at


It’s a bug and will be fixed in TU9.


Speaking of this have you ever seen a golith do a leap smash then right after pounce a hunter or charge right into a pounce had it happen to me one day I was like wtf is going on the guy would not stop I had Like a 250 Ms maybe that was why and I even waited for it one time to put a orbital on myself and it seemed like whatever drops it circled shear a few times.