Fix the kraken already omg


Stop releasing patches without addressing the major bugs and broken things wrong with this game, the gameplay is terrible with so many bugs and people abusing glitches and the kraken still being broken

[Poll] Kraken Aftershock

i couldnt say it better myself, honestly, fix the issues please, make the kraken’s aftershock damage over time, no more instant damage, its ovrwhelming


Not saying krakens are unkillable but its stupid that they have been glitched for almost a month now and no fix or anything about them


Nothing will pull him down when he’s in the air.


Kraken can’t be effected by CC abilities right now


Micro patches only address the balance not bug fixes


Title Updates come out every 6-8 weeks. They involve big code changes including bug fixes or radical changes like Kraken not being effected by CC.

Patches come out every 2 weeks, they adjust number values, like Parnell’s rocket accuracy or Val’s Heal Burst.


Are you sure? The only things that are supposed to pull are harpoons, and they do it, no? Stasis or tranc should make monster slower, so he should fall dawn also SLOWER not faster (is it not so and you want them to fix it?).


He’s supposed to come down with every CC ability


ETA two weeks. Not this coming Thursday but the next.


I’m closing this because it serves no purpose and it’s just a breeding ground for toxicity. They know, mate, and they are working on it. There is absolutely no need to continually say “Fix this!” and “Fix that!” like a broken tape recorder repeating the alphabet for you.

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