Fix the jet packing out of Behemoth's tongue grab already please!

More and more hunters are viewing this as a tactic and not a glitch or an exploit. Hunters would be up in arms if monsters could glitch out of harpoons, stasis, and repulsor beams.


What exactly happens when this happens? Like, I’ve seen it happen, but I’ve never been able to do it myself- assuming you’re talking about simply flying out of the grab? I’ve used terrain to end the grab early and used ledges against it but I’ve never flown out of it like that.

I’ll tongue grab a Hunter and he will start to tumble toward me but less then 1s later I see him jet pack and he stops tumbling and regains control of his character thereby completely negating my tongue grab. Behemoth relies on tongue grab in combat because he is so slow and needs to bring the hunters to him. It also sets up his best combo.


Does he hit anything during the tumble? An object, a ledge, etc?

Yes this is very annoying. Sometimes they even get halfway and still stop midair.

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No. There can be no terrain between me and the Hunter and he will stop tumbling.

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Yeah that moment you finally land it only for them to break free sucks.

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I really think they need to just decrease the air travel time for TG. Theres too many problems like this one and it makes it ridiculously easy to line up a combo when you can just watch that hunter lazily fall towards you for 3 or 4 seconds.

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It doesn’t always work, but I’ve been able to do it a couple times.
It’s one of those things where if you’re able to do it, OF COURSE you’re going to. No one wants to die.

I’ll see if I can play around with it and figure out if there are any special circumstances for when I’m able to. Or get some recordings at least.

I keep seeing people once in a while post about this bug, but I don’t think any of them have provided video of it happening in-game.

I don’t think this is a bug. I think I remember reading about it in the update where they gave a chance (not always happening) for the hunter to regain control and try to get away, but it’s a chance and possibility. I could be completely wrong, though.

I have never gotten my jetpack to work during the tongue grab pull in. I always get smacked at least once before I can start boosting. PC

No. It is a bug and is completely unintentional. Wuld you like there to be a chance that the abduction doesn’t grab you (oh wait…). It is annoying and it completely can throw games off kilter and cause you to lose.

I hate how people can get out of the tongue grab! I had a Laz troll me up on a ledge until time ran out because he could escape the grab over and over.

Continuing the discussion from Evolve Bugfixes - In progress, Current Patch, Previous Fixes (Updated 9/16):

So it’s not a bug. It’s new design

Oh wow, I always thought you were screwed when you’re tongue grabbed. So basically you can jetpack out of it before landing on the behemoth?

How? I’ve never seen been able to actually try to get out of a Tg while in the open…I’ve had it work sometimes…but don’t know how to exactly do it.

You are taking the quote out of context. That is a strawman fallacy. (ok, I might actually have to thank my 11th grade english teacher for spending a month on logical fallacies).

You are taking that quote from the IN PROGRESS section of the bugfixes, she was just decribing the bug.

In case you did not know what the in progress section is, here it is.

In progress: Bugs in this category are high priority, and actively have TRS resources working to squash them

That is from the page itself which you have so kindly linked.

So no, it is not by design, it is a bug.


Ah I see. I guess I didn’t read full thing beforehand. Apologies.


Wait so…jetpacking away DURING a TG in open terrain is a bug. But getting TG through objects (and stopping it) is not right?