Fix the issue when 2 Friends Join as a team, it TAKES FOREVER & Frequent DC of 1 Person!


This is repeatable, and consistent.
If I join by myself, its Fast & predictable. (IE: Works well)
If I join with a Friend in my team, it TAKES 3-10 X the time to get a Match & often (50% of the time) it also KICKS one of us out of our team when players are found.

This seems to be a Pairing Issue with the player matching system.
Please look into it.
(PS, we both Have Intel I7 PCs, Nvidia Gaming Cards, Mine is a 970, 16 GB Ram, on 50+ MBit Pipes to the net, with Low ping)
IE: it’s not our RIGS doing this.


fix might be out later tonight


Thank you!
and Thank you for the Amazing FAST reply!


If it’s not out tonight do know that it’s high on their priority list. Not a “soon TM” fix but sooner rather than later fix. Cross the fingers for tonight but at the latest I have no doubt this will be gone the next patch (and they’re aiming to do about 2 a week ).

Cross the fingers!