Fix the Hank Bot PLEASE!


This was NOT an issue in beta, but your bot’s AI for Hank is AWFUL. He just throws mortars in front of you like it’s no-one’s business. What in the world is going on? Again, not an issue in beta, but all of a sudden he is mortar king while you’re trying to run at a monster. Please god fix this…


He did do that in the beta.
It was the one thing I was hoping they were gonna fix.


Didn’t happen to me solo in beta…but wow did he do it a lot to me while playing solo on the campaign. It was infuriating to all of a sudden be running at the monster (since I’m assault…I should do that)…and get throw back 100 feet before “OMG incoming Bomb for no reason!!”


Yeah he still throws orbitals at the monster from across the map if he sees them lol.


Well Hank just doesn’t give a damn.


I’ve been in many rounds where Hank bot doesn’t orbital at all. I like Hank bot, he does his own thing. :smile: Maybe he was just having a really bad day and had to go orbital crazy…happens to me sometimes!