Fix sli please

So will you ever fix the issues with SLI in this game? I have a Monitor that goes up to 144hz refresh rate and 780 Ti SLI. When both cards are working I can get 140fps in Evolve which is great. The problem comes when the game breaking stuttering starts happening. The game just stutters like Timmy from South park with SLI enabled. The other issue is that many times when a match starts there are artifacts or whatever they are called on the screen. I don’t really know what it’s called but the best way I can describe it is different colors all over the screen.

I’d really like to be able to use SLI in this game…

What you report by artifacts is called “flickering,” its not specific to evolve nor is this SLI fix a TRS thing, the game runs on CE3, a Crytek engine, TRS is mearly “borrowing it.” Second an SLI fix would come from Nvidia, through a release of a new driver, so always keep an eye for those new driver releases; you should also know that SLI never scales perfectly, in any game. Ever. Ive had SLI since my Day 1 when i began PC gaming, you cant always get stutterfree games, and you will almost never get double framerates.

Currently I have a 980sli setup and run this game at 1440p, i do get framedrops and i do get the chromotic “artifact” flickering you mention, Alt+Tab out of the game and bring it back up, this ussually solves the prob. On average i will get around 100fps, then drops as low as 60fps, honestly on average, SLI is about a 40% boost, both cards running at 70%.

Not sure what you mean by scaling but there are plenty of games that show the usage of two cards in SLI at 99% for each card, meaning both cards are working at capacity. When such a setup shows only say 70% on one card and 60% on the second card then something is wrong. Most likely the driver but it can also be the game. I don’t care anymore because I got a 980 Ti now anyway but they should fix SLI in this game.