Fix pouncing


TRS, please allow us to cancel the pounce animation as a monster.

I just pounced a Sunny that had her bot up and her team all downed except for her. I was shot to death meanwhile the bot shielded so much, so fast that the pounce couldn’t kill her and I died instead despite me having completely outplayed your broken hunters.

Had I been able to turn off the pounce animation, which should be able to be canceled, I would probably not have lost.

Honestly(and I’ve said this a lot now) pouncing needs more damage aswell, period. Monsters simply aren’t rewarded for using it except as a very cheap way to end a fight and that is all you’ll ever see pouncing for. Notice the pounce text is called SNEAK ATTACK - ironic, given all stealth is gone from Evolve, but whatever.

Just fix the pouncing.


To cancel a pounce you just press sneak again ? And you let go ?


Made an account just to reply to this. I was in that match… it was hilarious. He pounced the Sunny but he couldn’t damage her through her healbot. It was really sad, but hilarious from the Hunter perspective. We just pistoled him down and idt he could stop the pounce. I mean he was really low to begin with but that was just ridiculous.

(I was the Lennox. IDK why more people aren’t playing her.)


you can cancel the pounce once you have engaged it. I believe its the should buttons pressed together on controller.

I have used this many times to quick attack the hunters…

very very handy.

Now how about those hunters popping out of your pounce and appearing a yard or two away from you?


Like others have said, just press the sneak button again and it cancels the pounce. I’m pretty sure it’s even in the tutorial for Goliath…


Man how are you gonna feel when they remove pouncing the last hunter? :wink:

But seriously, that stinks man!


Did the pouncing not stop when they started to shoot at you? If yes this is a known bug - you can’t cancel pounce, it doesn’t deal damage, and it is not stopped even if you are shooted at.


I won’t say what everyone else already said, instead I’ll say lol to the pistol kill. Those are always the best kills as a hunter xp


Question answered.