[Fix Incoming for Consoles] Still no revive fix?! why?


so a month later and there still is no revive fix… this has cost my team at least 20 plus games, all I can do is ask why, its really a big issue and should have been fixed by now. so why?!


Because it isn’t fixed or hasn’t been fixed in time for release in any previous patch.


Until it’s fixed, there is no reason to encounter it. Don’t use health regen. Problem solved.


I’ve used Health Regen, revives are fine… Are we sure he means that revive bug specifically?


It hasn’t been fixed on console apparently.


If that’s the case, it should still be coming eventually; no? Like with the previous patches.

Even if it’s not fixed, all he has to do is get his team to use other perks. Sure, 'twas annoying, but it wasn’t too challenging to avoid.

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Nah, rest assured it will be fixed in time. Evolve only gets better, bugs are temporary. Remember when Reload Speed would NEVER effect special abilities, like an Orbital Strike, or Laz’s cloak? I’ve goten so used to them being effected by it I forget sometimes they didn’t use to be.

The Devs listen to everybody, the issue is known and it will be fixed. :smile:

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It has been fixed, but if you are on a console you have to wait for the patch to clear the console testing before it is released. This seems to translate to a 2-4 week lag from the pc patches. There was also a holiday last week that seems to have delayed the latest hotfix patch so that could mean an extra week for the next console patch as well. It should be coming to consoles very soon, maybe as early as next week.


good call, appreciate it!


Hi there Socomsku! As was mentioned, this bug has already been patched out on PC. However, due to the nature of which patching for Consoles works and the extensive protocols that Console patches must go through before being implemented, there is a lag between Console and PC Patches. This is a big reason as to why the recent title release, Patch 4.0.0 for Console was different to Patch 4.1.0 for PC (The Lennox Patch) and why for Console changes, the list included an exstensive list of bug changes, whereas for PC hardly anything was changed.

A good way to approach things such as reporting bugs for Consoles right now and asking why there hasn’t been a fix is this I feel. Go check out the patch notes, and look at the past few PC patches. If the fix is anywhere in them, then the Console fix can be expected anywhere between 2-4 weeks from then, depending on the next update. As well as this, for something like the Revive Bug, seeing that it was mentioned to be a bug with the use of Health Regen, you can take this knowledge and use it to avoid the bug for the coming weeks whilst waiting for the patch and avoid taking Health Regen.

Whilst it kinda sucks that patching is not as fast as everyone would like it to be for Consoles as on PC, TRS do what they can to get the patch to you guys, and take into account all bug reports and look to get them fixed. If there is a bug as big as this one was, and you have to ask the question ‘Why has it not been fixed?’ there is often a very valid reason as to why not. In some cases, these things are PAIN to figure out. (Recreating bugs is literally Hell on Earth.) In other cases, TRS just have to wait to release a bug fix, because making people patch every 1 or 2 days is not fun.

Thanks for understanding!

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