[FIX INCOMING] Always meteor goliath cant pick monster


Its getting really annoying, so i have the funder status and I try to choose behemonth in the selection when its my turn to play monster, i level up the abilities, choose the perks, but when the game starts I BECOME THE GOLIATH (METEOR), Its so annoying, I pick one monster, choose the skills, start the game, and im another monster with other abilities which are elveld up. For example i pick the 2 top skills of the behemont and I start as a goliath with all four skills.


Did you own Bob before Stage 2 went live? (eitherway, that is odd)


Yeah i had pre-ordered the game so i had the Behemonth, I have it listed as an installed dlc.


can confirm. have been playing all different monsters, and just about 15 minutes ago, my last 2 picks were wraith and bob, got meteor goliath instead.


Happened to me once, and just again on the hunter’s side. Picked Markov, got Hyde. When it happened as the monster, I also lost all the perks I chose.


There is a bug where hunters and monster get defaulted to the free weekly rotation. This week the monster is MG, the Hunters are Caira, Hyde, Hank and Abe I believe.


anything we can do about it til a patch is rolled out? i honestly thought it was fixed since it started happening yesterday and all morning/afternoon ive been able to play whatever monster i want just fine.


So this is also happening with characters and monsters, and not just the ones that used to be dlcs?


Don’t think there is a work around tbh. Restarting the match doesn’t fix either. They are aware and working on it. I hate it when I get it as monster. I eat SOOOO slow (Feeding picks mostly)


Correct. It is happening due to a serverside issue I believe. Not because someone chose something in particular.


n o worries, maybe staying logged out of steam for a half hour or so works, thats the only thing different from last night vs today is i was idle/afk on steam overnight.


Nah, I streamed for like 14 hours straight and I would see if here and there. Maybe like 5-10 times total.


so basically just keep picking and something will update and correct it… til someone does a certain pick and screws it up eh? :smiley:


Kinda of. I don’t know the back end, but I don’t think it’s because of someone choosing a perk/character.


It’s happening every time to me with Gorgon


Sorry you are experiencing this, we got a hotfix in the works!