Fix Electro Griffin


The fact that a trapper who has a harpoon can make a monster land via shooting him with Buillets from his Gun not his Harpoon gun is stupid i can understand it slowing but not making a flight based monster Land his ass on the ground after being shot by a bloody Stormtrooper Gun in my recent game a shity blue stormtrooper grounded me for 60% of the game by bloody well shooting my Rectum with bullets from his FAKE stormtrooper rifle not from his BLOOODY tool you Dev’s Have Given him


Well then, how about abe and crow who can only use stasis to ground kraken, they do that too. And abe only has to throw each grenade once, and wait for you to go down while he is shooting the shit out of you, i’m sure you know how strong abe shotgun is, and crow, he just can damage you regardless of your armor


With accuracy just as bad as the name suggests.


I suggest to rephrase your wordings a bit. We are all in for open discussion and the development team does view everyone’s feedback. But, just the fact the way you are wording your situation isn’t necessarily gonna help you more or give your post any valid attention.

That said, all trappers with slowing effect bring Kraken down. This goes from Abe’s stasis grenades, Crow’s stasis gun and even Electro Griffin with his potato aim gun.

Truth is, it’s better to face electro griffin as the further/higher you are from him, the better.


I didn’t know that he is broken.


First off all his “FAKE stormtrooper gun” has a reload time during which you’re stasis-free, which for a Monster like Kraken is enough to quickly burst up in the air and negate the whole point of stasis altogether.

And his harpoon gun is as simple as:
Jump/fly away -> Get harpooned -> Turn around -> Break harpoon -> Jump/fly away again.
The range on his harpoon gun is so pathetic that at most you’ll have to repeat the above steps once, contrary to Griffin who will haunt your ass for a minute if you don’t cut behind a corner.


by that logic every trapper hould be “fixed” the reason E griffin has additional CC is because his tracking skills are the worst amongst trappers. also his harpoon has low range so once the dome is out just run for it and he probly wont catch up


E-Griffen is the worst of all the trappers…you’re suggesting they take something away and make him MORE usless? Bold my friend…very bold


You do realize the only trapper worse than e griffin is waggie right?


ouch that burn [u get it? waggie=fire dot burn haha] so good


OP saying about his machine gun that stasis his ass on the ground rather than using egriffin harpoon to do the job… haha egriffin is not broken, he is doing his job as a trapper to hinder ur movements