Fix Behemoth


I love Behemoth’s concept, but at the moment he’s broken/underpowered. I’m sure almost everyone can agree that he is by far the easiest monster to track, trap, kite, and kill. His health drops like a rock for being a “rock” because his weak point is ridiculously too big…and when he uses an ability, his animation not only exposes said weak point, but it exposes it far too long.

Please bring a buff for the Behemoth considering he is a very cool monster to play as, but in his current state…not very enjoyable.


My problem is that he takes too much damage too easily, the hunter don’t even need to aim yet his attacks have to be extremely accurate for them to even do an inch of damage


His patch will be coming soon and will fix bugs and help him go from a sponge to a turtle ;). In the future though, please discuss these things in the

I’m going to close this now, but as said, please feel free to continue talking in the above thread :slight_smile: .