Five: The Sword, Chapter Two


Perhaps that will be a new medic's forte at some point?


Matt, if they haven't started you on writing a book series about this game...they fucking should. Cause I'd read it.


You and the rest of us, brother!


Same here, terrific.


do you maybe have an ETA on part three? I just started reading "The Sword" but when I noticed it's 2/3 I decided to wait!

also wanted to say I love your work, I think I enjoyed Caira's story the best so far, but it may change after I read up "The Sword". Keep up the good work!


@Matthew said they go up every Thursday night/ Friday morning, depending on "how well [he] can restrain[himself]."


I love it how Abe likes to "fuck around" with stuff (like Parnell's suit).

Parnell must have REALLY shamed Abe if he didn't even want to wait for the director to increase their payment.


We'll there goes my hopes of sunny bein one of the new hunters


I hope the next monster is a Shoggoth or Yog-Sothoth


A lot of people are wondering how Sunny lived. I have a theory. I think that the ship managed a dive. That's was why the engines were glowing. The sword was torn apart when they did, with the Solaris distress call being what got Parnell and Abe saved. Mason was at the controls, so there's no telling what he decided to do after everything between him and Abe and Parnell. The remains of the Solaris surfaced somewhere near shear and the survivors made it planet-side. Sunny survived, although Mason's fate is unclear (It may be that he's Crow, but that's probably a stretch). What do you guys think?


You know if you made an evolve movie it would be like the super cool version of Star Wars, no offense to star wars fans, but it would be so awesome, it'd be animated like the game of course so the characters look the same, you just need to get the voice actors on board and I think you could make some good money.


Couldn't help but think of this: